Disabled man gifted with motorised wheelchair

Happy in his new motorised wheelchair

IT IS THE INNATE desire of any man to be able to work so as to adequately provide for his family. When such a privilege is taken away from him because of unforeseen circumstances, he would most naturally feel frustrated, unable to fulfill his purpose as a family head. Such was the feeling of Godfrey La Rose of Constabulary Compound, Linden who lost his legs as a result of uncontrolled diabetes.
La Rose was pitched into a state of depression. The former employee of Guymine who for many years served in the capacity of Security Constable began suffering with severe diabetes and lost his right foot to the disease 1n 2012 – below the knee. He then got an artificial foot which allowed him to move around normally. “I was walking normal and nobody knew it was a false foot,” La Rose revealed.
He then became an employee of Banks DIH, Linden Branch but unfortunately, three years after he lost the other foot above the knee. That became the end of his working career as he was now confined to a manual wheel chair.
This confinement pitched La Rose into state of depression as he was always the bread winner of his family. Despite these trials he tried to rely on the strength of God to go by and his faith has been opening doors as his family is always taken care of. He also thanked his wife that has been there for him through thick and thin even when his frustration was at peak.
“Regardless of your faith sometimes you do get frustrated and stressed because when I sit down on my verandah and I see people passing going to work, I feel a sense of worthlessness.”
His latest blessing was that of being gifted with a motorised wheel chair from the USA arm of the Ex Guymine/ Linmine Constabulary Organization. The chair was presented at a simple ceremony at the Constabulary Hall. The organization recently held a reunion where it was noted by members in the Diaspora that La Rose was in dire need of the wheel chair.
Member of the organization John Domer told the audience that the organization was a newly-formed one and the gesture was only a fraction of what was in store.
La Rose was in high spirits when he received the chair and continued to give God praise and thanks. He said, “This thing is about faith that no matter what happens you do not give up. There is a true and living God. You have gotta be with God to know that there is God.”
Though he would not be working, he said he would now be moving in fine style.