A Mughal glam wedding


When Hashim Alli and Melicia Partab, co-founders of Indo-Modern wear brand Nachle Designs, decided to get married, they roped in designer Jason Shurland to put together their outfits. The couple wanted “a royal look” with all the glamour of Bollywood, but one that considered the fact that the wedding would be according to Muslim rites. They also wanted to push the boundaries of fashion, to demonstrate that Black (and, well, gold) could also make for a stunning wedding.
Taking inspiration from the Arabic world, Shurland created just the look the couple were looking for, as seen here. If you are one for details, consider this: Mel’s dress was hand sewn using 30 yards of fabric, plus 20 yards of crinoline (kankan) and another 10 yards for the lining. The trimmings of gold stems and leaves were meant to represent how the couple have grown in love over the years. Hashim’s headpiece, featuring mirror work and a feather, was an Alladin inspiration. Melicia wore her own jewellery, with the headpiece made of wire and pearls. (Shameer Hescott photo)