National Junior Karate Championships completed


THE Guyana Karate Federation held its National Junior Karate Championships at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall last Sunday. The competitors took part in the Kata and Kumite forms in the 6-8, 9-11, 12-14, 15-17 male and female categories. In the Kata form, the Male 6-8 category saw Pratush Deokinandan taking first, Mario Hodge took second, Nigel Clarke took third, while the female 6-8 saw Aarti Ramgolam first and Pooja Lam second.
In the male 9-11 category Doodnauth Jairam took first, Matthew Gurahoo second, Clint Jones took third, while the female category saw Riana Narine first, Aminata Diallo second and Jasmin Hodge third.
Seon Wesley took first, Mekhi Proffit took second and Sruti Jairam third in the male 12-14 category.
In the male 15-17 years, Avinash Ramgolam took first, Andru Rambarran second, Charles Benjamin third. Chelcia Benjamin was the lone competitor taking first.
In the 6-8 Kumite form, Nigel Clarke, Jeremy Betton and Amar Jairam took first, second and third respectively. Aarti Ramgolam and Pooja Lam took first and second in the female category.
In the male 9-11 categories Kumite -40 KG Doodnauth Jairam took first, Owen Betton second and Xavier Henry third. Shaquan Norville took first and Clint Jones took second in the Kumite +40 KG.
In the female 9-11 Kumite, Jasmin Hodge took first, Riana Narine second.
Mark Crawford, Jonathon Ramsuchit and Dominic Wharton took first, second, third respectively in the Kumite -45 KG and Sruti Jairam, Orlando Giddings and Mekhi Proffitt walked away with first, second, third respectively in the Kumite 45+ KG.
The female 15-17 Chelcia Benjamin was the only competitor taking home first.
The male 15-17 -55 KG Tulsidas Hira, Christopher Ramkissoon, Michael Crawford walked away with first, second and third respectively while Andru Rambarran, Antuan Headley and Mortimer Giddings came first, second and third in the Kumite 55+ KG.
The best male contestant went to Doodnauth Jairam, while Riana Narine was the best female contestant.