Zeelugt pensioner’s death… Post-mortem results to decide husband’s fate

The Ramkarrans in happier times


THE post-mortem results into the death of a 71-year-old woman will decide if her husband will be charged, Police said yesterday. The post-mortem will be done Friday.The pensioner and mother of five, Sohodra Ramkarran of Lot 4, Zeelugt, East Bank Essequibo was found dead on Monday with marks of violence about her body, with allegations that she was beaten by her 76-old husband, Bobby Ramkarran. It is reported that the 50-year union ended Tuesday when she took her last breathe; the husband was taken into custody as part of a police investigation.

The couple lived together without any form of telecommunication devices for several years at their residence.

Some neighbours are of the opinion that Mrs. Ramkarran was not murdered and she succumbed to natural causes because the couple were known alcoholics who did not take care of their health in the right manner. However, there are some individuals who are suspicious that foul play might have led to the woman’s demise.

Liloutie Parsram, the dead woman’s grand-daughter who lives a short distance away from her grandparents’ home , said that she first got word of her grandmother’s death when a neighbour telephoned her Tuesday morning.

She explained that her grandmother was found dead in a locked bedroom in the bottom flat of the house. The couple would reportedly sleep in the very bedroom. But according to the young woman, her grandfather said that since Monday evening his wife had locked herself in the bedroom, because they had an argument earlier.

Parsram said that her grandfather related that Monday he travelled to Georgetown to do some business. It was upon his return home that he and his wife had the argument. Before Ramkarran’s arrival home, his wife had reportedly started to prepare dinner, but because of the argument she decided to imbibe alcohol instead. The couple would sometimes imbibe alcohol together and would often get into arguments, but according to the woman, her grandfather insisted that he didn’t consume alcohol Monday.

Tuesday her grandmother’s already stiff body was found lying on the floor of a bedroom.

“Grandfather claimed that after he quarrel on she, she went into the room in the bottom flat and she just lock she self in there.”

Parsram said that her grandfather related that when he attempted to access the room on Monday night it was still locked, which led him to believe that his wife had fallen asleep. As such, he claimed that he decided to sleep upstairs instead. The following day when he checked on his wife, the door was locked. He started to call out to his wife but got no answer.

Parsram said that it was a male neighbour who helped Ramkarran gain access to the bedroom by prizing open a window in order to gain access to the locked room. However, it was upon his entry to the room that the man said that he discovered a lifeless Sohodra Ramkarran leaned against another window that was already opened.

The granddaughter explained that her grandfather was the one who placed her grandmother in a lying position in the room since he was reportedly claiming that she was not dead.