GTTA New Year’s Message

Godfrey Munroe

2015 CAN BE described as a year of consolidation of the association’s efforts where we thought it best to take a few steps back in view of crafting a pathway that would put the sport on a long-term and sustainable path with the institution of key developmental programmes and planning long-term.In this regard we felt it was key to focus the core activities and work of the association in the direction of player and coach development, athlete training support and competition, instituting Hopes type activities among other key activities that would come into fruition in 2016.
Highlights were the team’s performance in the Jamaica Open and U.S. Open team Championships and Chelsea Edghill scholarship award to Lindenwood University Missouri.
We feel 2016 holds tremendous potential, and the introduction of table tennis in schools – a partnership project between the Government of Guyana through the National Sports Commission, Ministry of Culture Youth and Sport, the Guyana Teachers Union and the Guyana Olympic Association – will truly provide the impetus for the true development and sustainability of the sport.
This is one of the many major goals we have set for 2016 which would see a very productive year for the sport: ‘Building the Pillars’

Godfrey Munroe
Guyana Table Tennis Association