Gynaecologist blamed for baby’s death

Lindon Benn with his wife Tarita Sewraj Benn during her pregnancy

A GYNAECOLOGICAL consultant has been accused of failing to act effectively to save the life of an unborn baby girl at the New Amsterdam Hospital last Thursday.The baby, named Milody Joy Maria, had been healthy in the uterus, but was still-born when she was delivered by caesarian section a day after it was noticed there was no foetal heartbeat.
The baby’s father Lindon Benn, of Williamsburg, Corentyne, is alleging that the consultant, a Cuban national, failed to respond urgently to the telephone call made by an intern on duty at the Maternity Ward just after 14:00 hrs.
During the wait, the 23-year-old expectant mother, Tarita Sewraj Benn, was having routine checks done on her,when it was discovered that although there was a foetal heartbeat, the results from the pelvic assessment showed she required the intervention of a specialist.

But the specialist at reference reportedly never showed up until more than two hours after the call was placed, which put her time of arrival at around 16:00 hrs, and upon examining the patient was overheard saying, “Not in labour, not in labour.”
Subsequently, with the aid of a foetal stethoscope, the said doctor was overheard saying, “No foetal heartbeat,” before changing the patient’s position to make further checks.
About half an hour later, the baby’s mother was taken to the ultra-sound department, where she was told that the baby was not moving.
The father, who was looking forward to holding his first child, recalled seeing his wife being returned to the Maternity Unit, where blood samples were taken before labour was induced.
During this period, however, his wife was heard complaining of severe pains, in spite of his repeatedly asking why was she not being taken to the operating theatre to have the child removed, since there was no foetal heartbeat.
It was not until the following morning, he said, that his request was heeded, and the baby delivered by caesarian section.

The Benn’s relatives are very peeved over the lackadaisical attitude of the doctor, and the hospital’s non-compliance with standard procedure.
They are adamant that their child would have been alive had the doctor responded immediately the called.
Meanwhile, word doing the rounds within the medical fraternity is that the baby had died, in utero, three days earlier.
Family members are, however, challenging this, on the ground that two days before admission, the expectant mother had visited the high-risk clinic at the New Amsterdam Hospital, and was told that everything was okay.
She was also advised that if the baby was not born by December 1, they would admit her.
Further, a subsequent visit to the Whim Health Centre at midday on Thursday, after she complained of pains in the lower back was again proved that nothing was wrong with the pregnancy, except for a pelvic arch, which was preventing the baby from being delivered normally, resulting in the midwife taking her to the regional health institution.
Baby Milody Joy Maria has since been laid to rest.