Anti-litter team nabs 25 so far –as ‘name and shame’ campaign kicks off


AN anti-litter team to address littering and indiscriminate dumping in the city is now in place, the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) said yesterday.The officers of the anti-litter team have so far arrested 25 persons caught in the act of littering on some popular thoroughfares, such as South Road, Brickdam, Regent Street, Water Street, Cornhill Street, Robb Street and Croal Street.

According to the M&CC, among the persons arrested in the anti-litter drive are Terrence Clarke, Sherry Murry, Imran Sookram, Jennifer Persaud, David Bidder, Erna Kissoon, Joseph Hatton, Chatnarine Roopnarine, Abigail Giddings, Winston Selman, G. Yusuf and Natia Samuels.

As the anti-litter unit continues to patrol the streets of Georgetown in an effort to curb littering, the City Council is imploring citizens to dispose of refuse in the proper manner – that is in bins not in alleyways, drains and other open spaces. The anti-litter unit, City Hall said, would spare no one and those who are caught would be prosecuted. (Michel Outridge)