UN Anti-Corruption agency could be set up in Guyana

UNODC official Amado Philip de Andres, centre, and UN Resident Coordinator Khadija Musa, right, at the meeting earlier today.

The United Nations Office on Drug and Crime (UNODC) has proposed setting up a Regional Anti- Corruption Academy, based in Guyana, to address issues of transparency and accountability.“We were discussing options to help Guyana and one of the options was to establish a Regional Anti-Corruption Academy for the Caribbean and Central America.

“It is a carbon copy of the International Anti- Corruption Academy, located in Vienna,” said Caribbean UNODC Regional Representative, Amado Philip de Andres following a meeting with Minister of Governance Raphael Trotman.

“We want to set up a pilot country and that can be possibly be Guyana,” de Andres is quoted by the Ministry pf the Presidency as saying.

UN Resident Coordinator, Khadija Musa, said the UN has recognised the new government’s interest in fighting corruption and crime.

“Since we know that there is a government which is interested in the fight against crime and drugs, and all those issues are paramount here and on the international front, we felt since you are now establishing your framework and structure, that it was important that UNODC come and share what they can do or in what areas they can assist so we initiated the visit,” said Musa.

Minister Trotman welcomed the proposals as being “good,” suggesting compliance officers can be trained to identify and eradicate corruption.