CEO Burrowes resigns from Go-Invest

Former Go-Invest CEO, Keith Burrowes

THE Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Go-Invest, Mr Keith Burrowes, confirmed yesterday that he has resigned from the entity, and he says that his resignation this time is final.Presently on leave, Burrowes told the Guyana Chronicle that he does not intend to go into the reasons for his resignation, but that he supports the decisions by the Government to improve the image and performance of the investment agency.

This newspaper was subsequently informed that, shortly after he tendered his resignation letter, Mr Burrowes was issued a ‘termination’ letter stating that his services were no longer needed at Go-Invest.

Soon after Regional and General Elections had been held, Burrowes had resigned from Go-Invest following criticism of the agency by some sections of the business community; but he had subsequently put his resignation on hold following a meeting with Minister of Business, Mr Dominic Gaskin.

Peeved by the criticism, Burrowes had suggested that his critics should have furnished him with their suggestions before laying blame on Go-Invest.

In October last year, he had resigned as a Director of GuySuCo, and from all indications, his resignation was accepted by the former Donald Ramotar Administration.

Minister of Business, Dominic Gaskin, had said the country’s premier investment agency is set to undergo major reform, with strong attention being placed on fairness, transparency, good governance, and aggressive promotion of the agency, both locally and abroad.

“Transparency has been very dear to us over the years. We constantly lamented the lack of information available to the public, and we realise, too, that in the absence of hard data, it gives rise to speculation; and most of the time speculation is not healthy.

“It does not help Guyana; it does not build confidence in the system and in our institutions. The thinking is (that) if people have information, people can know what we are doing,” a confident Gaskin had said.

The Government recently appointed a new board for Go-Invest. The board is being chaired by Minister of Business, Dominic Gaskin, and the other members are Mr Rajendra Singh, Mr Michael Hutson, Mr Neville Totaram, Ms Patricia Bacchus, Professor Shamir Ally and Mr Basil Blackman. The board would also include a member of the Opposition in Parliament.