Timber truck driver sustains six fractures to leg

Samuel Jacobis, injured in timber truck accident at Kwakwani

SAMUEL Jacobis, 22, of 118 ‘A’ Wismar Housing Scheme, is currently in the Georgetown Public Hospital nursing six fractures to his left leg and a severed knee bone, after being involved in an accident at Kwakwani last Thursday.

Jacobis, who is a heavy-duty equipment operator working on Imran’s PII timber concession at Christmas Falls, Kwakwani, said the accident happened around 17:00 hrs last Thursday as he and his porter on the truck were strapping and loading timber piled high onto the vehicle.
He recalled that they had just finished loading the timber when they noticed that there was one piece of log that was too short and so was strapped at only one end.
Jacobis said he stood on the same piece of log as the porter looked around for a piece of chain to strap the loose end, when suddenly it “washed away” (broke loose).
“I tried to jump off the log, but it landed heavily on my left foot, and only heard the bones going “Crux, crux”! All of my weight went heavily on the left side. The leg was broken in six places and my knee was dislocated,” he recounted.
Jacobis said his porter immediately radioed the “bossman” and called for another truck to get him out to hospital. Bleeding, he waited in excruciating pain, but it was not until around 21:00 hrs that the truck arrived, then set out to cover another 53-70 kilometres of harsh terrain, eventually putting them off at the Kwakwani Hospital around 22:30 hrs.
There he was stabilised, given fluids and injection for pains and within another hour, (23:30 hrs), was transferred to the Linden Hospital, arriving there just after midnight with his entire leg badly swollen and in pain.
X-rays done at the hospital revealed multiple fractures to the left leg, but fortunately no spinal injury. However, he could not immediately be transferred to Georgetown Public Hospital since both ambulances had earlier been dispatched with emergencies.
Around 15:00 hrs the following afternoon (Saturday), Jacobis was dispatched to the GPHC, arriving at the Accident and Emergency Unit at 16:30 hrs. His next problem was that surgery had to be temporarily put off, since he had taken in a considerable amount of gas. Fortunately, the surgery was performed on Monday and he is now a patient in the GPHC.