Kwakwani truck driver remanded over theft –of wallaba posts, and escape from custody


A KWAKWANI truck driver accused of stealing wallaba posts and escaping from lawful custody was yesterday refused bail at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court after answering the related charges.

Forty-six-year-old George Gildharie of Kwakwani Airstrip, Upper Berbice River, pleaded not guilty to both charges. One of the charges stated that between June 19 and 26 at Araima Road, Upper Berbice, he stole 30 wallaba posts to the value of $60,000, property of Shabeer Yusuf.
Particulars of the other charge said that on June 29 at Kwakwani Police Station, Upper Berbice River, while being in custody for a criminal charge, he escaped from lawful custody.
Police prosecutor Denero Jones did not relate the prosecution’s facts against Gildharie. However, he successfully opposed bail on the grounds that the accused may pose a flight risk since he was held for a simple larceny matter and during that time he drove away.
Gildharie who was unrepresented during his first court appearance was remanded to prison and the matter was subsequently transferred to Kwakwani Magistrate’s Court for July 17.