Joint Services urges citizens to remain calm – and maintain peace

Army Chief Brigadier Mark Phillips

CHAIRMAN of the Joint Services, Brigadier Mark Phillips, is urging all Guyanese to be calm.

“As the nation awaits the official results from the Guyana Elections Commission, I urge that all Guyanese remain calm. Do not allow yourselves to be provoked and do not give way to negative emotions and suggestions of negative occurrences,” Brigadier Phillips urged.

He underscored the fact that the Guyana Elections Commission is the only institution by which we can get the official results of the elections.

“I urge you to wait and be patient. When the final announcement is made, I urge that all demonstrate maturity and let good sense prevail by accepting the official results. We are all in this together and there is nothing to be gained by destroying our communities and harming each other. Progress and real development will not come through violence!”

Brigadier Phillips also emphasised the role of the GDF in this period, as being in support of the Police. “The GDF will be involved in various patrols in support of the Guyana Police Force with the intent to ensure stable, safe and secure communities across Guyana. I urge you to support our troops as they carry out their Constitutional tasks to keep you and your communities safe. You do not need to fear our troops. We are working to ensure your safety.

“We, like you, look forward to the eventual announcement of the final results from GECOM and we look forward to continuing to build this great nation of ours in partnership with you. As we wait, I pray God’s blessings on all citizens and our beloved nation,” Phillips urged.