We commend Elizabeth Harper

Elisabeth Harper

PRIME MINISTER Samuel Hinds, the patriarchal figure, so respected by former President Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo and beloved by all PPP/C supporters, is gracefully bowing out of the office he has held since he, representing the social movement, GUARD, and his brother of the soul, Dr. Cheddi Jagan, heading the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), formed PPP/Civic alliance that endured, with great affection and respect, until the demise of the country’s greatest freedom fighter and beyond, until today. Presidential Advisor Gail Teixeira said recently during a television programme that the initial arrangement that was created without a formal formula for the partnership was acceptable with a 20% ratio for the civic component, but the bonding became so strong and meaningful that the civic aspect has been increasing in numbers until it has reached almost an equal composition. This is living proof that the PPP keeps good faith with trustworthy persons and organizations.
PM Sam wrote: “Prior to the 1992 General Election the PPP and the Civic group had a “Gentleman’s Agreement” and up to 2015 the TEAM PPP/C continues to be the strong driving force behind Guyana’s development.”

The “Gentleman’s Agreement” also included in its formulation that the composition of the Government formed would have the nominated representative of PPP in the Presidential slot, while the Prime Ministerial position would always be held by the Civic component. The second Prime Ministerial candidate of the Civic component, after in excess of two decades during which PM Sam served this country with exemplary dedication and commitment, is Ms. Elizabeth Harper, a career diplomat who served the governments of both the PNC and PPP/C.

In welcoming Ms. Harper to the fold, the Prime Minister wrote: “I extend heartiest congratulations to Ms. Elisabeth Harper, Director-General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs – DG, as she is familiarly known – on the announcement of her selection as Prime Ministerial candidate for the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) in the up-coming national and regional elections, on May 11, 2015. DG is a Guyanese of exceptional national commitment who, I am confident, would work with everyone in pursuit of the national ‘good’. Indeed, I commend Ms. Elisabeth Harper to all who wish Guyana well.