Seventy-five persons now proud home owners at Perseverance : -as Gov’t continues impacting living standards through its housing drive

1000 homes: Buttercup Cottages at Perseverance, East Bank Demerara (Adrian Narine photo)

THE Ministry of Housing continues its aggressive drive to make home owners of Guyanese, and some 75 persons are now experiencing the exhilaration of being proud home owners under the Turn Key 1000 Homes Project in Perseverance, aback Providence, East Bank Demerara. 

One hundred and fifty houses were constructed in this new housing community during the first phase of this affordable housing initiative and each house was designed to provide its owners with comfort, security and a healthy family life.
Launched by the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA) to expand the Ministry’s Turn-Key housing programme that recommenced in 2011, construction in the 1,000 Homes Project began in May 2014, and by December 2014, 100 Buttercup Cottages had been completed.
Infrastructure for electricity and water are already in place, and roads in the new community would boast asphaltic concrete surfaces, once construction is completed.

Minister of Housing and Water, Irfaan Ali, during a walk-through at Perseverance, East Bank Demerara in 2014, said he was delighted to be updated on the development of the turn-key homes on the East Bank of Demerara. He related that the 2014 Budget catered for more turn-key homes, and said that the Ministry saw increase in interest from applicants for the move in ready homes and accordingly made provisions for more of these homes.
Ali reiterated that, some nine month ago, a new project for turn-key homes was launched, and 1000 homes were to be built in Perseverance.

“This project started construction in May of this year (2014), and is moving at a rapid pace. Even though it rained, because of good drainage, construction can still carry on,” he said.

Ali also said the project is not without hindrance, but those are minimal.

What is known as the Buttercup Cottage, which costs $4.9M, will be on display and available for tours. The Buttercup Cottage has a total floor area of 600 square feet, and includes two bedrooms, patio, washroom, kitchen, dining and living areas.
A furniture company recently partnered with the Housing Ministry to furnish the model home, which is expected to attract interested persons and prospective homeowners.

Over 5,000 persons have already indicated interest in the turn-key housing solution and have applied to the Ministry to purchase these houses.

Persons desirous of a larger living space could purchase the Bungalow Orchid, which is also available. The Housing Ministry will shortly begin construction of the Bungalow Orchid houses, three-bedroom houses which each have a total floor area of 1050 to 1,100 square feet, which are priced between $8M and $9M. This type of house includes tiled floor and bathroom, ceiling, modern lighting fixtures, and sash windows.
Chaitram Geewan, a private building contractor for about 15 years, is appointed as Construction Foreman. Geewan related that he is pleased with the job security provided by the project for workers in the construction sector.
According to Geewan: “Being self-employed as a skilled man during the slow season (and having the task of) finding steady job to match your skills is difficult. Though I am a contractor, sometimes I had to go to work with other people so I can pay my bills.”

“Working with Government on this project is good. There are always materials available; whenever you do some private jobs, you turn up with all your workers, and you have to go back home because they do not have materials or money for you to work,” Geewan said.

This project, Ali explained in a recent update, created four hundred direct job employment opportunities for Guyanese. This one project, since the starting of this year, would have contributed directly to employing 400persons.”

The Ministry is pleased to see Guyanese responding positively to this project, since it would benefit generations to come.
Written By Rebecca Ganesh-Ally