‘Demerara Gold’ and ‘Pandora’s Box’ billed for grand performances –in schools, at NCC, Lichas Hall and Theatre Guild

Ms. Ingrid Griffith speaking to members of the media on Wednesday (Photo by Adrtian Narine)

THE Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport (MCYS) in collaboration with the National School of Theatre Arts and Drama and Gem Theatre Production yesterday announced at the National Cultural Centre that they will bring to the general public, a play called “Demerara Gold”, featuring overseas-based actress and playwright Ingrid Griffith in the role of 18 characters.

Present at the press briefing yesterday were director of Gem Theatre Production, Gem Madhoo Nascimento; Director of Studies at the National School of Theatre Arts and Drama, Al Creighton; and actress Griffith who is originally from Guyana; along with other officials and representatives of the National School of Theatre Arts and Drama.
Nascimento stated that they first had an interest in bringing this show to Guyana in November last year, when she came across a video of the play being performed by Griffith.
She added that after some research, she approached the National School of Theatre Arts and Drama to seek their interest, which of course ended positively.
The approval from the MCYS for the show to be performed in Guyana came promptly, she added.
Nascimento noted that in addition to the play being performed for the general public, there will also be school shows so as to boost drama and theatre arts in schools.
The show will be aimed at students from the Third, Fourth and Fifth Forms of various schools across the country, if not all.
Also in brief remarks, Creighton stated that the National School of Theatre Arts and Drama is doing several education outreaches, which will include the plays to be performed.

Apart from the play ‘Demerara Gold’, another play called ‘Pandora’s Box’, which was organised by the 2014 graduates of the National School of Theatre and Arts, will also be brought to the public when the string of events kicks off this Saturday.
Speaking a bit about ‘Demerara Gold’ was the writer/actor herself, Ingrid Griffith, who stated that the play will be about “a girl from Guyana who taps into her wild spirit to break away and reunite with her parents in America, only to find her battle has just begun.”
Griffith stated that while studying theatre arts and drama in America, she noticed how her colleagues would not just act in plays but also write them, so this is what inspired her along with her passion for drama and acting, to write this play.

When asked whether she finds it difficult to play the role of 18 characters in the skit, she disclosed that “it was a bit difficult at the starting, especially the transitioning from one character to next,” but after continuous practice she learned to cope with it and later perfect the skill of acting different roles.
In closing she stated that she is proud to be performing in her homeland and the Guyanese public should look out for a great and enjoyable show.

The shows are set to be performed as follows: ‘Demerara Gold’ and ‘Pandora’s Box’ at the National Cultural Centre on January 17 at 20:00hrs. Tickets are $1,000 each.

‘Demerara Gold’ will be performed also at Theatre Guild on January 18 at 18:30hrs. Tickets are $2,500 each.
Meanwhile, the performance of ‘Demerara Gold’ for schools is set for today at the New Amsterdam Multilateral School; January 16 at Lichas Hall, Linden; and January 19 at the National Cultural Centre. Tickets for all schools are $500 each.