Serial rapist stalks Devonshire Castle…

Victim’s neck swollen with bruises as a result of the rapist choking her

Mother dragged from home, brutally raped in bushes

A 31-YEAR-OLD mother of four was cruelly dragged from her home through bushes and brutally raped at around 02:00hrs Monday morning at Devonshire Castle on the Essequibo Coast.

The bushes where the rapist dragged the woman to and raped her at Devonshire Castle  at around 02:00 hrs on Monday morning
The bushes where the rapist dragged the woman to and raped her at Devonshire Castle at around 02:00 hrs on Monday morning

Speaking to this newspaper, the badly brutalised and injured woman said she was sleeping on her bed with her young baby in the front room of her two-bedroom flat concrete house when she was attacked by a man whom she described as short and dark with a low haircut. The woman said she only awoke from her sleep when her feet accidentally hit her wall divider in her house.
She said the man had already lifted her off the bed and was taking her outside the house when she awoke.Prabhu-5
The young mother said she started to scream and fight the man who dealt her several cuffs in her face.
She said her two young sons were awaken by her screams and ran behind the man hitting him with pieces of wood to loose her. She said the man choked her and hit one of her son with a claw bar and the other in his stomach.
She said the man then began to drag her by her hair through the grass and bushes to the back yard.
According to her, the man dragged her cruelly over barb wire and thorns which caused several cuts to her back and legs.
According to the woman, she lost consciousness while the man was raping her in a clump of bushes.
The woman said she only regained consciousness when she heard some voices calling for her in the bushes.
She said she was naked and could have barely moved and was in terrible pain.
However, she got up and stumbled in the dark towards the voices and was rescued by her neighbours who had formed a search party for her after her two sons alerted them that a man had dragged their mother into the bushes.

Reports said the Police was informed and they rushed to the scene but by then the rapist had already escaped by swimming over a canal.
The woman, whose husband was at sea fishing at the time of the incident, was told to report to the Anna Regina Police station at 08:00hrs the morning and was taken for a medical examination at 10:00hrs.
She said it was proven by doctors that she was brutally raped.
Meanwhile, several angry residents of Devonshire Castle said the Police need to do more and they cannot understand why the Police is unable to capture a rapist.
Residents said several women in Devonshire Castle were raped during the past months and the rapist is still on the run.
According to one resident, the rapist is targeting women who are defenseless and whose husbands are out working during the night.
Reports said that a widow who operates a beer garden was, recently, brutally raped and robbed at Devonshire Castle.
Until now the Police have not found the rapist. Residents are calling for more Police patrols and for drug addicts to be arrested and charged.
The rapist is said to have threatened his victims by promising to kill them if they reveal his identity.
Residents of Devonshire Castle and Walton Hall are calling on the Ministry of Public Works to fix the lights on the public road in the villages.
According to residents, the public road is left in darkness during the night and rapist and criminals are using it to their advantage to attack women and their homes.

(By Rajendra Prabhulall)