Barama Company Limited celebrates Malaysia Day for first time here

CEO of BCL presenting a gift to Prime Minister Samuel Hinds in appreciation of his attendance to the Malaysia Day celebrations

THE Barama Company Limited (BCL) hosted a reception on Friday evening in commemoration of Malaysia Day 2014. Proceedings took place at the New Thriving Banquet Hall at Camp and Lamaha streets in Georgetown.

Staff of BCL performing a “warrior dance” as Malaysia Day was celebrated at the New Thriving Banquet Hall last Friday
Staff of BCL performing a “warrior dance” as Malaysia Day was celebrated at the New Thriving Banquet Hall last Friday

Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, gracing the occasion with his presence, remarked that Guyana and Malaysia have enjoyed fruitful relations at a multilateral level, and those relations have grown since establishment of diplomatic relations in 1936.

He said the Malaysian Federation, established in 1953, was significantly strong and has proven to be of vital camaraderie; and that under the wise leadership of the Malaysian Government, Guyana has seen that country continue to make social strides in economic development and ensuring the well-being of its people.

Both Guyana and Malaysia have shared interest in economic trade and cooperation, the Prime Minister said, noting that many Guyanese have benefited from the Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme.

He said also that there has been extensive cooperation between Guyana and Malaysia at the level of the United Nations (UN) among other places.

The Prime Minister said that cooperation has provided a platform for improved diplomatic relations between Guyana and Malaysia, and that he looks forward to the Malaysian collaboration on the crafting of the post-2015 development agenda, which will be a significant progress point for Guyana as a developing country as Guyana strives for a more equitable world.

The Prime Minister noted Barama Company Limited’s valuable contribution to the economic viability of Guyana as that company continues to play a vital role in sustainable development of Guyana’s forestry sector, and in creating and sustaining jobs.

He posited that “we are happy to be home to the employees who have left their homes in Malaysia to join the company workforce (in Guyana).”

Prime Minister Hinds also congratulated the CEO of BCL, Mr. Thomas Apun, for the initiative of bringing the Malaysian Heritage to Guyana, even as he commended Barama for establishing in the hinterland areas a major road network which has assisted many persons.

He concluded his address by wishing the people of Malaysia prosperity, acknowledging the presence of members of the diplomatic corps, and acknowledging the presence of Malaysian nationals at the 51st anniversary of Malaysia Day, held locally for the first time.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Barama Company Limited, Mr. Thomas Apun, in his address, underscored that Malaysia as it is today was formed in 1963, but gained actual independence in 1957 under the Federation of Malaya, formerly colonised by the British.
He spoke about the similarity between Guyana and Malaysia in terms of years as an independent country, noting that Malaysia is approximately nine years older than Guyana in terms of Independence.

Apun acknowledged the significant and continuous support being received for the industry and for Barama flowing from stakeholders, especially the Government of Guyana, the civil society, the private sector, customers, workers and communities.

Invitees were treated to special Malaysian talent prepared by staff of Barama Company Limited, and to delectable Malaysian cuisine.

Other invitees to the occasion included Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment, Robert Persaud, and his wife Mrs. Kamini Persaud; Honorary Consulate of Malaysia, Mr. Vickram Oudit; and others, among whom were staff of Barama, including its General Manager and other special invitees.

Malaysia Day is held on 16 September every year to commemorate establishment of the Malaysian Federation on the same date in 1963.

(Savitri Laikram)