I am now convinced… : Glenn Lall and his minions at Kaieteur News feel Guyanese are gullible


OLD Kai read, with keen interest, the Kaieteur News’ version of the ongoing saga over those two SUVs which apparently were permanently lent to Glenn Lall and his wife for their personal use.

The first bit of contradiction came when the article noted that Lall uses these vehicles as part of his security detail. “Publisher Glenn Lall, who has been receiving constant threats for his newspaper’s exposure of several instances of corruption, has been using several vehicles, including motorcycles, as part of his security detail. From time to time, he and his wife had been using the two Lexus also.”

If we are to believe that he did indeed receive threats, and was concerned for his safety and that of his wife’s, using two high-end luxury vehicles so as not to look conspicuous could only be construed as a masterstroke of pure genius.

But, later on in the very article, Lall himself is quoted as relating an entirely different scenario, as he indicated that the vehicles are not really used as a security detail, but rather by him personally.

“Yes, the Brijnanans have been my close family friends for over 25 years. What is wrong if I borrow their vehicles? I also ride motorcycles and use other vehicles, even from my staffers, because of what I do on a daily basis. I have to be cautious.”

Cautious? Is this the same Glenn Lall who has been observed at various public and private functions having a grand ole time? Some months ago, he was even pictured at the birthday festivities of a Government Minister looking heavily inebriated. He did not appear to be so concerned about his safety then, as he so suddenly has become following the disclosure of his controversial links to these SUVs.

The deceptive nature of the Kaieteur News if further exposed when, on one hand, the article contends that, “…at the time of the seizure the vehicles were at the registered address in the possession of the remigrants’ son”; but then the article later reveals, “Shortly after 14:00hrs, the two Lexus’s were driven out by Sankar and another man, and taken to the GRA bond at Eccles.”

So which was it, Kaieteur? Were they seized at Sankar’s premises, or did he and his friend, on their own accord, drive them to the GRA bond?

Old Kai also observed that there was absolutely no mention in the Kaieteur News of the allegations by the Head of the GRA, Mr. Khurshid Sattaur, that Lall, who wants us to believe that he is fearful for his own safety, had actually called and threatened the GRA Head to cease his investigations into the allegations, lest his (Lall) newspaper unleashes a barrage of attacks against the character of Sattaur.

Sattaur rebuffed the threats, and promised to continue with the investigations; and, no surprise, the Kaieteur News, in a series of articles on Sunday, unleashed its wrath. Sattaur was referred to as faeces and as someone suffering from mental problems; or, more specifically, a “madman,” among a number of disparaging remarks. And at the same time, the very newspaper attempted to paint Glenn Lall as nothing short of an ‘angel’, who did no wrong and is being attacked only because he is exposing corruption by public officials. Let us also not forget that this very individual is before the courts on tax evasion charges.

Therefore, if we are to believe the Kaieteur News, then all of those alleged wrongdoings by Lall are justified, and should be permitted for the greater good, as he is exposing corruption elsewhere; more specifically, in regard to the newspaper’s current attacks against the Chinese logging company Bai Shan Lin.

Yet, Old Kai is still waiting on Kaieteur News to publicly debate the small loggers’ representative and community activist Philip Bynoe, who has consistently exposed its misinformation and ignorance of the forestry sector.

The newspaper has also staunchly refused to carry several statements from the statutory bodies responsible for the sector to correct their falsehoods.

Therefore, all this is simply unnecessary digression from the current issue at hand, which is while Kaieteur News is contending that, “There is nothing in the law that bars a re-migrant from lending a vehicle that was granted under concessions to a friend, or even to another family member.” the operative word is “concessions.” The duty free exemption was approved under certain concessions accepted by the beneficiary, chief of which is that the vehicles were for his personal use and not to be confused with the personal use of Glenn Lall and company.