BK International Group of Companies investing in aviation wing

Artistic view of the Ogle International Airport

THE BK Group of Companies is reportedly always looking for ways to grow and expand into other sectors besides construction and in this regard it has let the proverbial ‘cat out of the bag’ in announcing the establishment of ‘BK Air,’ an aviation arm of the group of companies.

Alex Graham, the BK Group’s Public Relations Consultant, explained that “BK Group has established an aviation arm to be called ‘BK Air’; and the company has started working with the acquisition of an existing aviation company, JAGS Aviation.”

Graham disclosed that this aviation arm is still in its preparation stage, as acquiring the proper licensing and permission to operate takes a lot of time, but in the near future BK Air will begin operations.

“Aviation is one of those things you don’t just buy a plane and show up and fly; so we’re getting close to the time when we will have our inaugural BK Air flight,” Graham said.

The PR Consultant explained that the company would be focusing primarily on domestic flights, but would have the capacity to do regional flights. “Primarily, we will be providing flights domestically, but we have the capacity to provide services within the Caribbean Region,” Graham related.

Graham noted that the company is in the process of acquiring a fleet of aircraft, and because of the size of some of these aircraft, the company would operate from both the Ogle International Airport (OIA) and the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA).

“We expect in a very short time to have a fleet of seven aircrafts that will be operating out of Ogle and Timehri. The size of some of the aircrafts that we are bringing to Guyana over the next few weeks requires that some of them operate out of Timehri,” he explained, as he emphasised that the company would have the capacity to fly out of Guyana, but its primary concern would be satisfying the needs of the domestic aviation market. Nevertheless, if foreign travel is demanded, the company would be able to deliver.

“Once people want to fly, we will fly them. The whole idea is to provide expanded capacity,” Graham disclosed.

Graham explained that the company went into aviation because Guyana is currently placing a lot of interest in expanding the infrastructure for exploring the country, “and therefore we want to provide services to people that are visiting to witness Guyana’s eco-tourism product and be able to transport them to any part of the country”.

He also noted that another major reason for the company expanding into aviation is because “the new generation of ‘Tiwaries’ has brought energy and dynamism to the company that, for a long time, had confined itself to operating in the construction sector.

“We have now been able to push the Directors to expand (the Group’s operations). The company is aligning its resources with opportunities to provide a service and grow the company,” Graham announced.

BK International Inc. (BK) Guyana’s largest privately owned indigenous construction company was registered in 1993. It is the successor entity to B & K Transportation and Construction Services, which had started operations ten years earlier.

(By Rebecca Ganesh-Ally)