Some questions for the joint Opposition APNU & AFC


PLEASE permit me to ask a couple of questions through your Letter pages to the joint political Opposition partnership (APNU/AFC). It is critical for me to understand where they stand on these matters before I cast my vote at the next election whenever it is called.

Firstly, can the joint Opposition tell us – the People of Guyana – after voting down the Amaila Project and chasing away what everyone knows to be a credible investor (Sithe Global) what solution have they come up with after having control of the Parliament to get this project underway?
Right now we are paying exorbitant rates for electricity so much that people risk their lives to steal electricity so that their children can study in the evenings. If they have a solution what is it and when can we expect it?
Secondly, can the lawyers of the joint Opposition (Basil Williams, Khemraj Ramjattan and Nigel Hughes) indicate to us very clearly that when they voted against the AML/CFT Bill that they did not do so because their big clients were past money launderers and drug lords and that they were not heavily lobbied by the drug lords to delay the bill which was very important to Guyana not being blacklisted.
Thirdly, since the joint Opposition has been voting together on over 95% on anything that is taken in Parliament and they seem to have the same concerns, can we expect that they will join together and form one Party to contest the next election? As of right now it seems a vote for the AFC is a vote for the PNC and vice versa, we might as well see a broad unity party and avoid the AFC being used like the UF.
Finally, can Mr. Carl Greenidge and Mr. Anand Goolsarran, two well-known personalities with a track record of absolute failures in their previous posts as Minister of Finance and Auditor General for Guyana, inform us what they have done during their period out of Guyana to reshape their thinking so that we – the People of Guyana – can once again take them seriously. It boggles my mind that Mr. Greenidge and Mr. Goolsaran who has nothing positive to show during their respective tenures are now speaking more loudly than those who have outperformed them by leaps and bounds.
I am therefore, Mr. Editor, kindly asking the joint Opposition to clarify these questions for the people of Guyana whom I am quite sure have the same questions in mind.