Guyana awaits the right decision by the Oppositon


AT the time of writing, Guyana has not fulfilled the May 29 deadline for passage of the Anti Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (Amendment) Bill (AML/CTF). This means that the inevitable mandatory referral to the Financial Action Task Force would have been made, as announced that other countries have been warned about the risks of doing business with Guyana.All Guyanese should feel insulted, if not humiliated, that their country has to be treated in this manner, akin to a pariah. Blame not the government, since it has taken the lead, battling the unprogressive mindset of the opposite aisle of the National Assembly in its attempts at seeking legislative passage for this very important Bill.
Neither must the international body of the FAFT be faulted since they are simply applying the required sanctions that are mandatory in dealing with non-compliant nations. It is comforting, at least, that Guyana’s efforts had been recognized, and did result in an extension of time given for compliance. And yet, the Opposition would have had the nation believe that there was nothing to worry about. But the fact that all of corporate Guyana, through  public notices, gave voice to their concerns as to the consequences of non-legislation, should have been a graphic reminder as to the perils that await the nation.
As Guyanese, there must be grave concern as to the future of this country, should the political opposition stick to its head-in-the-sand position of non-cooperation. We are all aware as to the dire effects on our livelihoods, that such political  obstinacy will bring. One wonders as to the mindset of both parties, even at this perilous hour! Where does love of country stand in the priority of these persons, bearing the name of Peoples Representatives? In their listing of national priorities, should not the former  take pre-eminence, even over political power, as is seemingly their main pre-occupation?
And are their minds so closed to all reason, in not remembering their responsibility to the nation at large, as an important constitutional body, mandated to play their role in national development? Guyana awaits the right decision by the Opposition.

Michael David