12 schools attend D’Urban Park Lions Club career fair

Students at the Lions Club of D’urban Park career fair Friday(Photo by Michel Outridge)

\TWELVE secondary schools in South Georgetown attended the career fair hosted by the Lions Club of D’urban Park last Friday at the Guyana Girl Guides Pavilion, Brickdam.Coordinator, Jocelyne Josiah told the Guyana Chronicle that the event took a lot of planning, but she was pleased that it attracted some 25 companies drawn from both the public and private sectors.

She noted that the aim was to make second and third formers aware of the opportunities in the working world and to allow them to pursue suitable courses so they can make an early start towards achieving their career goals.

Josiah stated that the annual career fair hosted by the Lions Club of D’urban Park is the framework of their educational and health activities since their focus is on schoolchildren and they chose South Georgetown schools because they come under their jurisdiction.

She said, however, that the club is not in any way restricted to those schools but it does community work in all areas. The Lions Club of D’urban Park has also undertaken many health and career fairs in which they checked for anaemia in children and distributed dietary supplements.

They also focus on dentistry and sight and recently had a Sight Day Walk to raise funds to promote and restore vision. The club has a health programme in which children and the elderly benefit from free eye tests and spectacles.

In addition, they also host a spelling bee activity for primary school children, and a life skills programme that allows children to overnight in a camp setting while participating in a learning seminar.

Josiah said that the Lions Club of D’urban Park has been in existence for 20 years and was founded by its late president Deborah Backer and they operate out of a den in Festival City.

The club has about 60 members as well as a Board of Directors and their aim is to foster education and health through planned programmes.

Taneisha Munroe of Brickdam Secondary School told the Guyana Chronicle that she was very pleased with the activity since she was able to safely pick a career of her choice and pursue such studies.

She deemed the career fair a success because there were many interesting booths and they got a firsthand look at the operations of many businesses.

Another student, Shawn Clarke of Lodge Secondary school, said that it was a very informative event.
By Michel Outridge