GCB hosts successful Scorers Seminar


… Umpires seminar set for today

THEY CAME from all across Guyana yesterday, from Port Mourant in the east to South Essequibo in the west to be a part of the first-ever Guyana Cricket Board (GCB)-organised Scorers Seminar which was held at the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport’s National Sports Resource Centre on Woolford Avenue.

Close to two dozen participants, including former national Under-19 cricketer Herry Greene, umpires Eddie Nicholls, Daniel Richmond and Ava Barker, along with potential scorers, were taken through their paces by well recognised scorer Lyndon Wilson, who was ably assisted by Territorial Development Officer of the GCB, Colin Stuart.
Wilson said he was heartened by the response shown by the participants, adding that they did not come from a particular geographical area in Guyana, while highlighting the fact that there is an influx of women into the profession.
In an invited comment, Stuart said the aim is to ensure that potential scorers learn the intricacies of the job through theoretical and practical sessions, while refreshing the knowledge base of those who are already practising the trade.
Topics that were addressed at the first Scorers Workshop were: Introduction to Basic Scoring, Equipment needed for Scoring, Symbols used in Scoring, Umpire Signals, Acknowledgement of Signals and Scoring – the Practical Way.
Upon successful completion of this first scorers workshop, these individuals will be exposed to a second Scorers Workshop which will focus on ‘Scoring, using the Box Hill method,’ which shall be followed by a third workshop, which shall have as its emphasis, ‘Computer Scoring’. The dates will be announced soon.
Meanwhile, the GCB will conduct an Umpires Seminar at the same venue today from 09:30hrs, where umpires who are not certified and potential umpires are invited to attend, with several Laws of the Game being expounded, including the ‘Preambles and Laws 30-39’ which cover dismissal.
The main facilitators of this seminar would be the president of the Georgetown Cricket Umpires and Scorers Association (GCU&SA) Shannon Crawford who will be ably assisted by Nandkumar Shivsankar.

(By Calvin Roberts)