Registration closes tomorrow for GSCL Inc Independence Cup : … female teams admitted free


TEAMS desirous of competing in the Georgetown Softball Cricket League (GSCL Inc) inaugural Independence Cup are asked to note carefully that registration will close off tomorrow, with the launching and drawing on Thursday from 17:00hrs at GNIC Sports Club.

The tournament, which will see teams battle in three categories, namely Masters, Open and Female, is set for May 3, 4 and 5, at various venues in the city, culminating with the finals at the Everest Cricket Club, with female teams doing battle for the $50 000 first prize.
The first six female teams to register will be allowed to play and to date, Regal Champs, Trophy Stall Angels, Mike’s Wellwoman and Lady Jags have all made their intentions clear to participate in this tournament, for which the runners-up will pocket $25 000.
The female sides will be doing battle for 10 overs with the small ball, which, like the Open category, will see only round-hand bowling being entertained by the match officials.
In the Open category, the Competitions Committee of the GSCL Inc. is looking to accommodate 12 teams for which a prize money of $800 000 and trophy would be paid to the victors while the losers will pocket $200 000 and a trophy.
However, if there are only eight teams registered at tomorrow’s closing date, then the prize money would be $500 000 and trophy to the winners and $200 000 and trophy to the second-placed team. The entrance fee for this category is $110 000.
Teams who have signalled their intentions to compete in the Open category which will be a T20 affair and will have round-hand bowling only, to date are: Regal XI, Wolf Warriors, Karibee Boys, Trophy Stall and Memorex and the final of this category will be broadcast live on NCN Radio.
The admission fee for the Masters category, which will be played using the big ball and will see both round hand and flick bowling encouraged, is $100 000 with the winners pocketing $500 000 and a trophy and the second-placed team $200 000 and trophy.
Teams are asked to note carefully, that the GSCL Inc. will provide the Supreme balls to be used in the Open and Female categories, while for the Masters category the big ball will be used, even as round-hand and wrist-bowling will be tolerated, with added information being provided at the team briefing.
Some of the grounds identified for this tournament, which promises to be an annual affair, are: Demerara Cricket Club, Ministry of Education, Carifesta Sports Complex, Muslim Youth Organisation, Guyana National Industrial Corporation, St Stanislaus and Everest.
Registration can be done by contacting Assistant secretary/treasurer of the GSCL Inc. Russell Jadbeer on 225-4802, 226-4205 or 626-8228 or at Regal Stationery and Computer Centre, Seaforth Street, Campbellville. (Calvin Roberts)