TAAMOG congratulates Minister Pauline Sukhai


THE Amerindian Action Movement of Guyana (TAAMOG) wishes to extend congratulations to Hon. Minister of Amerindian Affairs Pauline Sukhai, MP for being conferred with the Medal of Merit by the Republic of Congo, the highest order within its category.The Hon. Minister of Amerindian Affairs was also confirmed as the Commander of the Indigenous people of Central Africa for the dynamic role she played in the International forum of Indigenous peoples within Central Africa, (FIPAC3) and Guyana.

Hon. Pauline Sukhai, MP indeed deserves the Republic of Congo’s highest honour for the outstanding, inexhaustible, committed and ongoing contribution towards the social and economic development of Guyana’s indigenous peoples and the valuable contributions that she made at the International Forum on Indigenous Peoples of Central Africa (FIPAC).
TAAMOG is extremely proud of Guyana’s Minister of Amerindian Affairs who continues to energetically blaze the trail to victory and serve as an exemplary model for Guyana’s women, and more particularly to our Indigenous women and men where success can only be achieved through commitment and determination.
TAAMOG salutes Hon. Pauline Sukhai, MP, the Commander of Guyana’s Indigenous Peoples and the Indigenous Peoples of Central Africa.