There’s more to Leguan than just cutting grass, Mr. Nagamootoo


AS someone born and raised on the island of Leguan, I was abhorred that the Honorable Member of Parliament, Mr. Moses Nagamootoo would assume that the hardworking people of my community can only cut grass, and therefore are undeserving of government funds that can be used to create job opportunities! The Member of Parliament was at the time participating in the Budget debate which started yesterday.I do not know if Mr. Nagamootoo has ever visited Leguan, so I will personally extend an invitation to him to come and experience the hospitality of Leguan, and to see that cutting grass is not the only activity that engages the people of this Essequibo Island.
In addition to the small businesses and cottage industries that form part of the local economy, there are seven operational rice factories which support Guyana’s macro economy. These industries function on skilled persons, many of which are part of the island’s cultural fabric; skills that have been passed from one generation to the other.
Perhaps the Member of Parliament has forgotten that the rice sector contributed 5% to Guyana’s GDP last year. If Mr. Nagamootoo is interested in learning about his own country, one that he proposes to represent at one of the highest offices in Government, that is, through the National Assembly, I am sure that my fellow islanders will gladly oblige.
We the people of Leguan are hardworking and hospitable people; I can only hope that the Member of Parliament would learn a thing or two from us “grass cutters”.
Acklima Akbar