Let God guide our political affairs


FOR those of us who have been hoping for real unity and peace among our people amidst the seemingly petty squabbling that has been consistently indulged in by those who are looking after our political affairs, the gesture of goodwill by the President and Leader of the Opposition during the Phagwah festivities comes as a breath of fresh air in an arid land.The fact that this pleasant expression of friendliness arose from the celebration of a religious holiday must underline the truth that mankind can only be united when we make use of the religious traditions with which our people have been endowed from all our previous generations.

Because our politicians have mainly been copycats of the more advanced nations, and have insisted that our politics must always be of a secular nature, we have effectively precluded any exercise of religious principles from our affairs, and — as is manifest daily in all aspects of our lives — we have been living as in a sea, tossed around without a keel to steady us, without a definite course to follow, and without a port of call to fulfill the lofty aspirations of our people.

This is most certainly the result of our adoption of atheistic communism as our political creed; and we must now see that we need to make the effort to eradicate the tenets of this system from the way we behave and conduct our political business.
I call on our leaders to maintain this atmosphere of benevolence, and to carry it over into their negotiations both in and out of Parliament. I remind you that this can be more efficiently accomplished when we strive to incorporate into those negotiations the religious principles of love, peace and generosity which we have all inherited.
Roy Paul
197-04 89 Ave., Hollis, NY 11423, USA.