Environmental groups pressing on with public awareness in solid waste disposal programme

Participants from different environmental groups and corporate entities at the workshop

REPRESENTATIVES from different environmental groups and corporate entities yesterday participated in a workshop held by Clean & Green For A Better Guyana at the conference room of Red House at High Street, Kingston.

Public Affairs activist, Ms Jocelyn Dow
Public Affairs activist, Ms Jocelyn Dow

The workshop was organised under the auspices of the Ministry of Local Government’s Solid Waste Disposal Programme and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to present an update on the progress of the public awareness campaign.
Public Affairs activist, Ms Jocelyn Dow, the facilitator of the workshop, posed the question to the representatives, “Have you seen any change?” Most of the participants said that the change is not yet visible but commended the efforts being made during the campaign since they agreed that over a period of time the awareness that is now being developed will eventually “bear fruit”.
The companies explained that from the last workshop, they would have taken the materials learnt to their respective workplaces and implemented the action plan. They all expressed the hope that the employees will take this knowledge and utilise it at their work places as well as with their families and friends.
Since 1998, the IDB has been working to assist the Government of Guyana to resolve constraints in the delivery of basic services, including the need for an integrated waste management system to handle municipal solid waste. The current Georgetown Solid Waste Management Programme seeks to improve the environmental conditions and quality of life in Georgetown and the Region 4 Neighbourhood Development Councils by implementing such sustainable waste disposal solutions.