U.S. orchestrating a coup d'état in Venezuela

Venezuelan Ambassador to Guyana, Her Excellency Reina Margarita Arratia Diaz, and her translator, Ms Liliana Tejeda yesterday. (Sonnel Nelson photo)

– according to Venezuelan Ambassador to Guyana who says such a coup is unlikely to succeed since most Venezuelans support President Maduro
THE Venezuelan Ambassador to Guyana, Her Excellency Ms Reina Margarita Arratia Diaz, has denounced “destabilising actions” of the Venezuelan Opposition across the country, saying it is “violating” the peace of the nation’s people; and has charged that the “fascist” Opposition is being supported by the United States of America (USA) to orchestrate a coup d’état via “interference” from the U.S. State Department.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro

Speaking through translator Ms Liliana Tejeda yesterday in an interview with this publication, Ambassador Diaz explained that American support is being offered to Opposition elements through funding and training of youth organisations and civil society to “practice acts of violence”, and create chaos with the aim of overthrowing the democratically elected Government of Venezuela.

She said a coup is unlikely to succeed because the current administration has the backing of the majority of Venezuelans.

She said, “It is important to note — taking into account the evidence of the interference in the internal affairs (of Venezuela) made by the Government of the United States through its accredited diplomats in our country — that the Venezuelan Government has decided to expel three consular officers of the U.S. Embassy in Caracas. They were taking actions to promote violent activities to generate chaos and distortion among the Venezuelan people all over the country.”

She said the three U.S. diplomats were ordered on Monday to leave Venezuela within 48 hours.

Foreign Minister Elias Jaua said the expelled diplomats had met student activists at private universities “for training, financing, and creating youth organisations through which violence is promoted” in Venezuela. The US Government has denied this assertion.

Preceding expulsion of the three U.S. diplomats, hundreds of students have spent the past week in the streets of Caracas, alternating between peaceful protests by day and pitched battles with police at night in the massive unrests fed by hardships, which include rampant crime, 56 percent inflation, and shortages of basic goods. Two students and a pro-government demonstrator were killed in clashes on Wednesday, February 12, as tensions were ratcheted up in the clashes in Venezuela.

Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez gets into a National Guard armored vehicle in Caracas yesterday.  (Reuters/Jorge Silva photo)
Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez gets into a National Guard armored vehicle in Caracas yesterday. (Reuters/Jorge Silva photo)

“There are videos that clearly show who are responsible for these actions,” Ambassador Diaz has said.

The Ambassador flayed the Opposition for what she described as a play of fascist politics. She made it clear that “there can be no love for Venezuela” by Opposition factions that encourage their supporters, who are financially able, to influence the unavailability of basic goods.
Ambassador Diaz said, “There are several things we can point to: the violence that is encouraged, and the destruction of public and private institutions such as the Attorney General’s Office and the subway stations in Caracas. Also there is the violation on citizens’ peace and the call for the killing of President Nicolás Maduro.”

She stressed that such actions are reflective of fascist politics, and called for the Opposition to recognise the harm that such hardline positions are causing the country. “There are different ways to be an effective Opposition,” the Ambassador said. “This is not the way; all that is (being) achieved is the destruction of the country,” she cautioned.

Reports emanating from the Venezuelan media are that Opposition firebrand Leopoldo López yesterday handed himself in to the authorities after coming out of hiding to attend a rally of supporters in Caracas.

The Venezuelan Government had issued an arrest warrant for López, who is accused of “terrorism” for his alleged role in violent anti-government demonstrations across the country.

President Maduro has since publicly claimed that López has been conspiring to overthrow the Government with the connivance of university students and the backing of the USA; but López, a former mayor of a district in the capital, has denied the accusations. “I have nothing to fear,” the Harvard-educated politician said in a defiant video address released on the Internet. “I have committed no crime. I have been a Venezuelan with deep commitments toward my country and my people.”

Ambassador Diaz has also debunked speculations of political instability in her native Venezuela. She said, “There is no political instability. There is a national government that is working actively in all the programmes that a national government has responsibility for. This includes healthcare, education and housing.

“As for the difficulties with the shortage of basic goods, the Government is fighting this by making these (goods) accessible to the people.”

Ambassador Diaz has stated that President Maduro’s administration is working every day with a commitment to meet the needs of the people of Venezuela. She reiterated that the Maduro Government has the backing of most Venezuelans, as indicated in the December 8, 2013 local government elections; and she said that is only one example of the people’s demonstration of their confidence in the Administration.

“We have won the Parliamentary election, the Local Government elections and the General Elections, all of which prove that the revolutionary government has the support of the people,” Ambassador Diaz posited.

On the issue of foreign relations, the ambassador has assured that, other than those with the USA, the relations with other countries remain unaffected by the protest actions that have gripped the nation of Venezuela for the last week.
Written By Vanessa Narine