RHTY&SC and St Francis launch massive Anti Suicide and Drugs Campaign


… with Scotiabank support

THE RECENTLY resuscitated St Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Youth Club, in conjunction with the cricket teams of the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club, (RHTY&SC) last weekend launched a massive anti drugs-and-suicide campaign aimed at assisting thousands of youths in the Ancient County.The two clubs with the sponsorship from the Scotiabank unveiled two impressive multi-coloured posters that advised youths to cherish life as a gift from God and ‘Say No to Suicide’ and also remain drugs-free as use of illegal drugs could destroy their future.
Secretary of the St Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Club, Veronica Narain, stated that the two posters would be shared out to schools across the county with special emphasis on the Corentyne area while they would also be distributed to sports clubs, youth organisations, churches, libraries, and public institutions.
She advised the youths that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem and that there are other solutions to any situation facing them, saying it is 100% preventable and called on youths not to keep their problems to themselves but to seek the counsel of trusted friends and respected elders.
Drug Abuse is also a major problem affecting teenagers in Berbice, and Narain cautioned youths to choose their friends wisely and to always say ‘No to Drugs’, despite peer pressure.
President of the Youth Club, Andrew Smartt, expressed pleasure at working with the cricket teams as it was the St Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Youth club which founded the RHTY&SC in 1990 and expressed gratitude to Scotiabank and Ms Jennifer Cipriani for the Bank’s sponsorship of the posters.
Mentor of the St Francis Youth Club and Secretary/CEO of the RHTY&SC Hilbert Foster stated that the two clubs would also be unveiling an Anti-Suicide television commercial in conjunction with Dave Television Station (DTV-8) later this week, which would be aired several times per day in an effort to reduce the suicide problems affecting youths in Berbice.
He also disclosed that counselling sessions would be arranged for youths, while an essay competition would be organised on suicide. Several youth and sport organisations would benefit from donations to assist them to make a positive difference in the lives of youths.
Two Inter-Secondary school cricket tournaments for Under-15 male and female students have also been organised as part of the massive anti drugs-and-suicide campaign by the two organisations.