Funeral parlour employee charged with embalming machine theft


AN EMPLOYEE of Lyken’s Funeral Parlour, who is charged with the theft of an embalming machine, was granted $150,000 bail Wednesday .

Twenty-five-year-old Colleen Davis, a married mother of three resident at Lot 979 ‘B’ Field, Sophia, Greater Georgetown, pleaded not guilty to the offence, particulars of which said, between October 25 and 27, she stole the machine valued $600,000, property of Gordon Lyken.
The Court was told that the defendant is employed as a porter but on her day off, October 25 at 08:00 hrs, she volunteered to clean for no pay.
She was then entrusted, by the manager, with the keys to be returned to him after she had completed her duties.
But it was on Sunday, October 27, that he went back to embalm a dead person that he discovered that the machine was missing.
Police Sergeant Ramsahoye Rambaju, prosecuting, objected to the woman’s pre-trial freedom on the ground that she may not return to court to prove her innocence if she secured the grant.
However, the magistrate noted that the investigations were incomplete and, therefore, overruled the objection.
Davis must be back in Court on November 8.