Sports Ministry to release $25.6M for development of sports grounds in Region Two


MINISTER of Culture, Youth and Sports, Dr. Frank Anthony, addressing representatives of some twenty sports grounds across the Essequibo Coast on Saturday in the Region Two Boardroom at Anna Regina, disclosed that eighteen sports grounds would each be given a grant of $1M for developmental works; while the Anna Regina Community Centre ground, located in the commercial centre of the town, would be given $5M, and the West Bury playground $4.5M.

The grounds that will be given the $1M grant include the Community Based Rehabilitation; Queenstown; Better Hope; Jibb; Dartmouth; Affiance; Capoey Amerindian community; Walton Hall; Bounty Hall; Annandale/ Riverstown; Richmond; New Road; Lima; Macasema (Upper Pomeroon); Golden Fleece; Sparta, and Good Hope.
He said the money would be disbursed by the Regional Administration through the Regional Executive Officer, and called for the money to be properly spent in a transparent and accountable manner.
Dr. Anthony said the grants must be fully spent by the end of the year, but if clubs, organizations or communities do not perform well in executing the projects in a transparent and accountable manner, the entire grant process would be derailed.
Keen on having tight control over the disbursement of Government’s money, Minister Anthony warned representatives of clubs/organizations that they must work through the regional system and the Tender Board to make awards of projects.

He said the three-quote system can also work to award projects to contractors, but it must first be submitted to the RDC and go through the tender process.
The minister said that when a contract is in place, money would be released according to work completed.
Some 155 communities across the country will benefit from the grants through the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, but hinterland communities will benefit in the second part of the programme this year, he said.
Minister Anthony said this is the second year the grant project is being implemented to develop grounds so as to promote sports and have a healthy nation.