Author releases book on words and phrases used by Indian immigrants, descendants


IN this year of the 175th Anniversary of the arrival of Indians in Guyana, Canada-based writer, Harry Hergash yesterday released a book titled “A Collection of Indian-Guyanese Words and Phrases and their Meanings”.

altLast Thursday he presented a copy of the book to the National Library so that students can study and learn about new words and phrases.
The book was received by Librarian, Nadine Moore.
Hergash points out that while historians now refer to the language of the Indian immigrants as Bhojpuri, Bhojpuri was one of many Hindi dialects that were spoken by the immigrants and they refered to their language as Hindustani.
According to the author, his publication is intended to provide a record of many of the words and phrases used by the immigrants and their descendants. Hindustani as a spoken language in Guyana is now almost extinct. Many of the words and phrases are rarely used. He believes that language is an integral part of people’s culture and this was the impetus for the book.
Hergash is among the first batch of students to enroll at the University of Guyana when it started in 1963. He is a founding member and President of the Ontario Chapter of the UG Guild and the release of this book coincides with the commencement of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of UG.

Hergash would like to extend heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Patrick Seebaran who played an important role in writing this book.
The book is now available at Austin’s Book Store and copies have donated to the University of Guyana.