(A look at some of the stories that made the news ‘back-in-the-day’, with Clifford Stanley)

(Guyana Graphic July 31, 1968)

POLICE tracker dog Ross was instrumental in the arrest of a man after he was alleged to have broken into Josephine Stephenson’s George Street home and stolen $43 worth of articles.

This was revealed by the Prosecutor when Leslie Cummings of Hadfield Street pleaded guilty to a charge of breaking and entering and larceny before Magistrate Julian Nurse.

Cummings was seen loitering near Stephenson’s home, and Constable Matar, who was in the vicinity with police dog Ross, was summoned. The Constable sent the dog after Cummings.

Cummings was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment.



(Guyana Graphic July 22, 1969)

MAGISTRATE Rudolph Harper yesterday granted amnesty to more than 20 defendants, all because, he said, of the achievement of Apollo II astronauts, who landed on the moon on Sunday.

But he emphasized that only persons charged with fighting, indecent language, common assault and disorderly behaviour would be reprimanded and discharged.

It was “moon holiday” in his court, but the magistrate, in adjudicating in the case of Leon Atherly, who went to Bookers Universal Store and assaulted SC Mentus after he was prevented from using the toilet, observed: “This one is serious. You will not be granted amnesty.”
He fined Atherly $35.

“Today is amnesty day. They will not get it tomorrow,” the magistrate said.

In the case of Trevor Joseph, accused of the theft of two bicycles, Mr Harper said: “This has nothing to do with going to the moon. According to the facts of this case, you ought to be going somewhere else.”
So Joseph was, on each charge, sentenced to one year’s imprisonment, after he had pleaded guilty. The sentences will run concurrently.


(Guyana Graphic January 5, 1968)

SEE it! Test drive it! It gives spacious riding comfort for four. It is 117.9 inches long and 51 inches wide. It has a 4-stroke, air cooled overhead cam-shaft engine.

It has a maximum speed of 71 MPH, but does over 70 miles to the gallon in town-driving.
It has front wind-down windows and a unique ventilation system.
It has front reclining seats and fold-down rear seats for extra space.

Its price is $3,050.

(Guyana Graphic July 4, 1969)

THREE farmers ambushed and killed a fierce jaguar with cutlasses in the jungles of the Mahaicony River, after the animal had killed one of their three hunting dogs.

But, up to yesterday, the members of the Mahaicony Farmers Pioneer Cooperative Society, who have since been granted permission to use a shotgun, were scouring the jungles 40 miles up the creek for the male mate of the killed beast.

Following a spate of destruction of cattle by the beasts, the three members of the society set off from their Butenabu camp at around five o’clock one day a week ago on the trail of the jaguar, whose scent had been picked up by their three hunting dogs.

Thirty minutes later, the dogs were heard barking and yelping at the huge animal, at bay against a Mora tree trunk but poised and ready to go into action.

The three men stealthily sneaked up to the rear of the jaguar just after it had boxed and killed one of the dogs. Armed only with cutlasses, the three cooperators went into action –two driving home their cutlasses into the sides and rumps of the animal while the other man chopped his brains out.

Later, they skinned the carcass, and according to one of them, the leader had difficulty restraining his colleagues from setting out in pursuit of the male mate, which they heard growling in the distance.

The society has since been granted permission to obtain a 16-bore shotgun, and other members of the society have joined the three-man team to hunt the other jaguar.

(Guyana Graphic July 16, 1968)

THE Ministry of Health will launch a countrywide anti-yellow fever campaign involving the eradication of mosquitoes, Medical Officer Dr. Alwyn Egbert has said.

He said the Ministry will shortly employ 50 men for the campaign.

House-to-house spraying would be done, and trenches, vats and other places, believed to be breeding places for mosquitoes, will be treated as well.

He appealed to residents to keep their dogs chained while the men are inspecting their yards, as long as they identify themselves sufficiently.

(Guyana Graphic July 10, 1969)

VIKING, a new tonic specially made for Guyanese children, is now being sold on the local market.

It is manufactured locally by Bookers Drug House Ltd., which is responsible for its distribution throughout the Caribbean.

In launching the tonic, Mr. J.M. Hurford, Marketing Controller of BDH, explained that it would stimulate growth and energy.

(Guyana Graphic July 12, 1969)

THE possibility that television will be introduced in Guyana within the near future is rather remote.
The last discussion on the subject took place between representatives of Governor Rockefeller’s Mission to Guyana and a team headed by Information Minister Martin Carter.

It was learnt yesterday that there was “no cause for optimism” as a result of the discussion, during which the possibility of US aid for the introduction of TV was raised.

It was also learnt yesterday that the setting up of the proposed Broadcasting Corporation is still being considered by the Attorney General’s Chambers.

Guyana Graphic July 22, 1969)

A Wakenaam labourer congratulated a man who caught him stealing his coconuts.
Sydney Lowe, the coconut farm owner, made the allegation while testifying at the trial of Boodram Jewnandan, 31, of Palmyra village, who was charged with stealing a quantity of coconuts belonging to him.

Lowe told Magistrate Rupert Trim at the Wakenaam Court that when he confronted and questioned the defendant on his estate, Jewnandan replied: “Uncle, shake my hands. I must congratulate you. You catch me fair today.”
The prosecutor told the magistrate that coconut stealing was very prevalent at Wakenaam, and it was very difficult to apprehend the offenders.

The magistrate found Jewnandan guilty, and fined him $100 with an alternative of three months’ imprisonment.

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