Region 5 inks several contracts for capital and maintenance works this year- projects to be monitored by each NDC, CDCs, other groups


MAINTENANCE works on 27 educational institutions and several health facilities, including health centres, are among many contracts the Regional Democratic Council, Region 5, (Mahaica/Berbice) inked on Wednesday for capital and maintenance works   within the region this year.

Among others, contracts were signed for construction of a Diabetic Foot Care Centre at Fort Wellington Hospital; construction of a Drug Storage Bond at Mahaicony Hospital complete with AC storage facilities; general rehabilitation of Burma Branch Road and maintenance of De Hoop Branch Road.

The contracts were signed in the boardrooms of the various Neighborhood Democratic Councils (NDCs) across the region in whose geographic area they will be executed.

Regional officials who participated included Regional Chairman Bindranauth Bisnauth, Regional Vice Chairman Rion Peters and Regional Executive Officer and Chairman of the Regional Tender Board, Ashford Ambedkar.

Prior to signing, Bisnauth briefed the contractors on the administration’s expectations for quality work and adherence to deadlines.

He handed over copies of the bill of quantities to each NDC to enable them to monitor the projects as well as to leaders of Community Development Councils (CDCs), farmers and religious groups in the various geographic areas.

Regional Information Officer Sandie Ross-Hendricks disclosed that this was the first set of contracts to be signed for works in Region 5 for the year 2013.

Another set will be signed shortly with contractors who have been identified for execution of the rest of the works programme for 2013.