Parker’s reputation is not one of credible leadership material


I refer to a letter in the Stabroek News written by Carl Parker under the caption: “As a Councillor, I provide as much help as I can to Rupununi residents irrespective of political affiliation” in its issue of Tuesday February 12, 2013.
Please allow me to state the following: 1. Carl Parker is a so-called political activist and Regional Councillor of the Rupununi region representing the PNC/APNU. Mr. Editor, I laughed when I read his letter in the Stabroek News because all of what the letter contains are mere lies or deceptions to fool his party’s leadership which I think is a splendid service or disservice.
2. Parker’s reputation in the Rupununi region is not of credible leadership material and coupled with his political posturing, his other APNU colleagues on the Region 9 RDC have distanced themselves from him.
3. Parker said in his letter that, “Under any other business” of the RDC meeting (Friday February 8, 2013,) he raised the matter of security “since the matter was not on the agenda of the meeting.” The fact is that under the standing orders of the RDC there is no “Any other business.”
4. Parker claimed in his letter that a “very presumptuous individual hurled a big brick at the windows of the boardroom” while the RDC was in session. Knowing the reputation of Parker, it is not surprising that he may have organised this thug-like incident. But if this incident should recur at future RDC meetings Parker should be held responsible and taken into custody for questioning.
5. Parker said in his letter that “in the Rupununi people do not seek the PPP for advice, assistance and guidance, they seek me out.” Can Parker give firm evidence to prove that people in The Rupununi do not seek help, assistance and advice from the PPP? Is Parker working at Freedom House? Is Parker living at the houses of PPP activists in the Rupununi region? Parker must stop blowing his own trumpet and announce loud and clear that the few who seek his help are APNU and AFC supporters.
6. Amerindian villages are aware of bank account requirements, since they have bank accounts, having been assisted by the RDC and the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs to secure their funds received from the President’s Youth Choice Initiative and Presidential Grants.
7. The police have been imparting traffic education with demonstrations at schools in Lethem and St. Ignatius Village.
8. There is a teachers’ living quarters in Kaicumbay Village. The head teacher or any other teacher is free to choose where- ever they want to live, provided they reach to school on time.
9. The ‘ex-employee of the RDC’ whom Parker claims was not paid his monies for allowances and back pay was dismissed from his job by the Public Service Ministry (PSM) and as a result is not entitled to such benefits. This was stated in circular 2 of 2012, paragraph 6. Parker is fully aware of this situation since he is in possession of the said PSM circular.
10. Parker’s work in the Rupununi is basically to criticise the PPP/C government and the Region 9 administration. It is my view that anyone who engages in political activities must be credible and demonstrate a high level of responsibility in their actions to inspire the people and get their support.
11. Parker was a member of the GDF  and was dishonourably discharged as a Second Lieutenant when the PNC was in government.
12. Parker was a Deputy Regional Executive Officer in Region 3, but quickly resigned when he realised that he would have been possibly dismissed for financial misappropriation. He was however dismissed by the PSM.
13. Parker was a District Development Officer based at Aishalton in South Rupununi. He was removed from Aishalton after it was alleged that he had molested a young Amerindian girl whom he took as his wife, then kicked her out. At Lethem it was alleged that he used another Amerindian woman then kicked her out and took another. It was also alleged that Parker conducted CSEC lessons at Tabatinga complex but had to close because of sexual molestation of a student. Again it was alleged that he condoned sexual relationships among the students of the St Ignatius Secondary School.
14. Parker is a tourist in the Rupununi region.  It is alleged that he owes rent to the Tabatinga complex for holding lessons there.
15. It was alleged that Parker worked for an oil company named SOL but was fired from his job because of financial irregularities.
16. Parker is against the development of the small Quarrie Amerindian community because the community fully supports the PPP/C government. Parker is therefore lying when he said in his letter that he helps people regardless of their political affiliation. Further, what help can Parker offer people in the Rupununi?
17. Mr. Editor, Parker likes to criticise the replacement of the NDC by an IMC. But this was a superb move by the government authorities because the former NDC was steeped in corruption which Parker supported. Respected people at Lethem know this and are happy that the NDC has been replaced by a hard-working IMC.
18. Mr. Editor, Parker claims in his letter that he has been “struggling ever since 1993.” But Parker cannot blame any person or organisation for his ‘struggling’ but himself, since he is possessed with wicked and demonic deeds.
19. Mr. Editor, currently the best alternative for Carl Parker to end his ‘struggling’ is to pack up and immediately leave the Rupununi region.