Mr. President, all proud Guyanese are with you


THERE it was, splashed right across the front page of the Kaieteur News April 27 edition “President Ramotar tells U.S. clean your house first, don’t lecture us.” Knowing the Kaieteur News, I would not be surprised if this turns out to be a twisting of the facts, but if President Ramotar did make that statement, then, I am proud of him. The only Guyanese leader, until now, whom I have admired for standing up and telling it to the U.S. as it is was the late great Cheddi Jagan and President Jagdeo. President Ramotar has now done the same and this makes me feel proud to call him my President.   Have you ever stopped for a moment and considered what has happened to all those countries that the U.S. tried to dictate and impose their understanding of human rights, democracy, etc, under the pretext of freeing them from dictatorships and corrupt governments, including Guyana in the 60s?  
The best examples of what happens when living under the dictates of the U.S. are Iraq, Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Libya, among others, not forgetting Guyana under the PNC.  On the other hand,   look at countries that are charting their own path of development, not without having to confront the U.S., and see what the difference is. Fine examples of such countries would be Brazil, India, Nicaragua, Guyana, Russia, Venezuela, China and a host of other Asian countries. Africa is no exception.   Look at East Africa, where the American and western influence is less and West African countries where the influence is far greater. You may then want to ask a most legitimate and justifiable question: who is the U.S. to lecture us about democracy, human rights, corruption, etc? And by the way, do Guyanese know that to become the President of the USA you do not need to obtain a majority of the popular votes? Yes, you can win with fewer votes than your competitor. That is the system of democracy in America. A system that was designed for the existing circumstances over 200 years ago!
President Ramotar was right and must therefore be complimented if he said what was reported by the Kaieteur News or if what he said can be interpreted as the headline. It shows that our President has the courage to tell the most powerful nation as it is.
Keep it up Mr. President. All proud Guyanese are with you. The hard work of the Guyanese people in charting their own path of development under the leadership of the PPP/C government with leaders such as you, the late, great Cheddi Jagan and former President Jagdeo gives you all the moral right not to allow Guyanese to be lectured by those who don’t have the moral right to do so.
It is quite a coincidence that only two days after, the Kaieteur News headlined an article published in the April 28 edition of the New York Times,which completely vindicated President Ramotar’s rebuking of the U.S.  The article: “With Bags of Cash, C.I.A. Seeks Influence in Afghanistan” describes how the U.S., for over 10 years has been buying loyalty in Afghanistan (a must read article). It said that the biggest source of corruption in Afghanistan has been the United States.  Would congressman Hakeem Jeffries, with whom Mr. Glenn Lall and others met care to comment on this New York Times article?  
Nothing new, they did the same with Burnham and the PNC and destroyed Guyana. I am sure that after reading that article you would have little doubt that the same is not happening in countries such as Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria and Iraq and that APNU and the AFC may very well be trying to take us down that line.  
Are we therefore then going to allow the U.S. to continue to preach morals to us when they are in no moral position to do so? Where is our independence as a nation? Where is our dignity as a nation?
Mr. President, all proud Guyanese are with you!