GAWU… : Easter message is a constant in our lives


“The principles and sentiments of some messages need not change from year to year, even when some actual circumstances do. “The culmination of the Christian Lenten Season of self-sacrifice and cleansing happens over this weekend into the beginning of the new Holy Week. Easter is upon us and, like Christmas, it envelopes even non-Christians. This is because, with its resurrection story after its prophesied Crucifixion, hope is offered to Mankind, through yet another faith.
 “The Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) associates itself with the Christian community, especially the hundreds of its own members of that faith, as Guyanese reflect upon, then celebrate, the events of 2,013 years ago.
Let the resurrection inspire Christians and all Guyanese to embrace the hope of the sacrifice of the one who died to exonerate his followers and inspire them to live and work in productive harmony and to wed spiritual peace to economic prosperity in his land where there can be plenty.
“Even as Christians and their friends in our Guyanese family prepared to celebrate the hope of the post-Crucifixion resurrection, there was another source of hope, just this past Monday. The administration unveiled the 2013 National Budget of Income and Expenditures which revealed a number  of measures, some of which will to alleviate some of the financial challenges facing the working people and must influence national attitudes to economic development for the greater good. GAWU, until further analysis, is impressed with those measures, concessions and relief now offered to our seniors, our tax payers, young professionals building homes and to our students and sugar-workers, amongst other budgetary measures.
 “Easter’s message must inspire spiritual renewal of the period of fasting and introspections. Let us all use the season in true Guyanese fashion, celebrating the risen Christ with kite flying, Easter eggs and cross buns, and all the now seasonal Easter activities across our country.
“ However, let the Easter tradition remind us not to waste the promise of the resurrection. There can still be abundant everlasting life for us all to share, now and beyond this plane. Happy Easter Guyana!”