Crane smash-up leaves eight injured : –witnesses say a miracle no one died


SEVERAL persons were injured last evening when, at about 17:30 hrs, Toyota Tundra # GPP 7985 driven by Lloyd Mohamed of Tuschen, East Bank Essequibo   ploughed into the rear of a Route 42 minibus (number removed). The accident occurred in front of the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) Office at Crane, West Coast Demerara, sending the bus crashing into a nearby lamp post, and plunging the entire neighbourhood into darkness.

Employees of that RDC Office recalled hearing a loud impact simultaneous with the electric power in the scheme being shut down. On hastening to investigate, they encountered the minibus literally hooked up to the lamp post, and the Tundra a few feet ahead, next to another lamp post outside the Nouvelle Flanders Sub-Office of the Guyana Forestry Commission.

There were about 12 persons in the minibus, and another 12 in the Tundra, five in the cab seats and seven in the open tray. Witnesses deem it a miracle that nobody perished in that mishap.

Whilst no one from the Tundra was injured, approximately eight persons from the minibus suffered varying degrees of injury, and were rushed to the West Demerara Regional Hospital for medical care.

Among them was the conductor, Praimdat Naraine, who suffered a broken wrist, a fractured shoulder, and appeared to be paralyzed on the right side. The driver of the minibus, whose only name was given as Shayam, suffered a wound to the forehead and other abrasions.  

Others injured in the mishap included Eserdai Persaud of Uitvlugt New Scheme and her husband, Son Persaud;   Naazalita Punawattie, 35, who suffered a fractured right leg; Natasha Kennedy; and Kelly Jordan, 15, who sustained a suspected fractured leg.

A passenger who had just boarded the bus had his leg pinned between the bus and the lamppost, and had to be somehow extricated from that untenable position.  

All the casualties appeared to have suffered bone injuries, but regrettably, no one was given an X-Ray on arrival at the hospital; all were advised to return to have their X-Rays done, since the Radiology staff was not on duty.  

This publication was made to understand that both vehicles were headed towards Parika, but as the minibus was approaching the RDC Office at Crane, it stopped to pick up a passenger.

Scarcely had the passenger boarded the bus when the Tundra, approaching from behind at a fast rate, ploughed into the back of the minibus and rammed it into the lamppost.

Lloyd Mohammed’s mother-in-law and his six-year-old daughter were seated up front with him in the Tundra. The woman, Keerani Harilall, said they all live at Tuschen, and were returning home after visiting a sick relative who lives at Number One Canal.
Similarly, members of a family injured in the minibus claimed they were returning home after visiting a patient at the West Demerara Hospital.

Police later arrived on the scene to conduct investigations, and both drivers were taken into custody as investigations continue.