Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport awarded G$1B of Budget … Sport allocated $935M


THE Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport (MCYS) was this year awarded a total of one billion, 71 million and eight hundred thousand dollars ($1,071,800,000) of the total budget which stood at $208.8B.

Sport has been assigned $935M of the cut which leaves one hundred and thirty-six million, eight hundred thousand ($136,800,000) to be distributed among the Ministry Administration, Culture and Youth aspects.
The top priority on the list for the Ministry is the Leonora Synthetic Track which is currently taking form then it descends to the warm-up pool for the National Aquatic Centre, Resource Centre, other sports facilities, gear and equipment.
According to the Government, “we remain resolute in our aim to ensure that all Guyanese, particularly young people, are exposed to the best facilities to develop their sporting abilities.
In 2012, over $360M was expended on the construction of the athletic track at Leonora, completion of the Bartica Community Centre, upgrading of facilities at the National Gymnasium, Cliff Anderson Sports Hall, Colgrain Pool, and Racquet Centre, and upgrading sports grounds countrywide.”
A total of $560M has been budgeted for advancing works on the athletic track, $52M for the warm-up pool at the National Aquatic Centre, and a further $300M for the development and upgrade of sporting facilities and infrastructure countrywide.
Once completed, these facilities will constitute a significant addition to the stock of public facilities and infrastructure for sport development and sporting activity.
This year’s allocation of funds to sport approximates 100% increase from 2012 and 2011. In 2011 a total of $408M was assigned to Sport while in 2012 saw an increase to $451M.