What was laudable about GFA’s Congress?


I wish to comment on an article published on page 30 of S.N. 23-01-13 captioned “Golden Jaguars FIFA Friendly match could be off” Financial constraints cited; Wilson Lauds recent GFA Congress by Duncan Saul.

Editor, despite not being present at the GFA’s AGM, which was held on 9.01.013 at the Sleep Inn International Hotel boardroom, may I, out of curiosity, enquire publicly, if Franklyn Wilson, President(ag) of the GFF, was the Federation’s officially designated representative? Whereby the letter of accreditation was dispatched to the GFA, prior to the AGM, with no offence meant to either the GFA or Wilson, I do hope his views expressed remain reflective of the GFF’s executive collective will. Since Wilson was quoted as saying, “It was an historic event and what had occurred will hopefully set the tone of what transpires within the other administrations.”
Can this comment be interpreted to mean what occurs at the AGM of other associations and affiliates of the GFF? This question I pose out of extreme concern, since two important items of the Agenda – Hon. Secretary’s Report and the Financial Statement (Audited) must be able to with- stand any form of scrutiny. Wherein the Hon. Secretary’s report, consists of a Competition’s Report or was it done separately? Suffice it to say, that all competitions coordinated/organised by the GFA normally entails the following: Commencement, Conclusion, Duration, Amount of goals scored; Average, Highest Goalscorer(s), Cards issued (red & yellow), Format, Fair Play Award, Winner, Runner-up, Third, Fourth, Best Offensive and Defensive Teams, and Best Goalkeeper, which upon compilation is normally forwarded to the sponsors also.
In relation to the Audited Financial Statement: Does it have a balance sheet? Major issues such as Assets, Depreciation, Opening Balance as of 2010/2011, Administrative Costs, Sundry Creditors, Sundry Debtors, Balance Brought Forward, along with Income and Expenditure etc. For the respective years, all remain essential towards what is obtained.
Finally, if for some strange reason the audited financial statement in particular doesn’t find favour by the GFF’s Finance Committee. Then the GFA executive and General Council will only have themselves to blame; since the absence of the Annual General Meeting (half-yearly) for 2011, would have complied with the constitutional requirement of:
i. Financial year – 1st January – 31st December.
ii. 2011 GFA/Banks Beer K.O reflected in 2012 Statement.
iii. 2012 GFA/Banks Beer K.O reflected in 2014 Statement, for the AGM (Half-yearly).
Is the normal standard procedure normally associated with detailed reports (Secretary and Treasurer) are now being sacrificed, in pursuit of receiving nominations ahead of the GFF’S AGM? Wherein “horse trading” among potential candidates takes precedence over the high ideals associated with the administration of the sport! So, in actuality over the years, FIFA funded courses, in the areas of Administration and Finance/ Marketing have now come to zero. Is this laudable?