Kissoon’s PNC plural state thesis incomplete, defies reality


IN examining the justification  of  Mr. Freddie “Kissoon details why he called former President ‘ ideological racist’” as reported in the KN of 26-1-13,  it will become obvious  how he will  even misuse race  as much as it will explain  Mr. M Maxwell’s  (KN, 19-1-13)  reflections which claims  that the PPP  is “  trapped by an unhealthy paranoia and a cultural mental illness. It is a party of weak-minded individuals and feeble souls who are perpetually afraid to define and defend themselves, their constituency and their country.” Is Kissoon only presenting statistics to support his biases?  Can both men be right?

Kissoon’s laudable, independent mind has every right to claim that there “were two major ethnic communities, distinct in spheres and existence” i.e., “the Afro-Guyanese and the Indo-Guyanese who were manifestly different in culture, religion, politics and economy. The former “maintained an existence with administration of the state, including state activities, education, the arts and related activities” whereby, according to Mr.  Kissoon’s research, they  logically “derived Afro-Guyanese power, authority and influence, while the more land and property-based Indo-Guyanese derived their power from their physical possessions and wealth.” Isn’t Kissoon guilty of  incorrectly ignoring Guyana’s  mixed races, Amerindians, Chinese and Portuguese  as equally important, who by  his omissions render them  insignificant? Reportedly calling this “the plural model”, Kissoon said it “provided social stability since each ethnic community was content (sic) with their sphere(s) of influence.”  Kissoon also said that “the ethnic communities found protection for their future existence (NB) in their own political parties “and “from the period of 1966-1992, (during PNC rule) …the “plural model” worked.”  What can be more mind- boggling  of  Kissoon  touting the PNC  where their and his  “plural model”  supports a placid comfort  zone  of such  pretensive  excellence that the reality of ‘the good, the  bad and  the ugly’  only fell to pieces with  the 1992 election of the  PPP/C government.
KN reported that Kissoon also said that “prior to that, the ethnic communities saw no perceivable threat to their sphere(s) of existence and thus continued in their varying ways of life” So Kissoon now effectively dismisses the 1973 Corentyne Ballot Box murders and Dr Walter Rodney’s 1980 assassination as all good for nothing. Is there  any morality which  can  explain Kissoon’s   continuing  justification of  Guyanese remaining ‘comfortably’ shackled within  a modern-day  caste system which does not encourage   freedom to be all you can be?

While Kissoon has every right  of fabrication, nothing can lend instigatory justification for Indians to  again be targets of  Black attacks  at Agricola 2012 even by “sane” AFC leaders trying to empower themselves  into political power by shared governance. Conclusively, when the PNC embarked on nationalisation it was not only just to ensure control of Guyana’s economic destiny. By its ethnic stocking and political empowerment of its mostly black supporters in Guyana’s state enterprises it sent them a message that they owned Guyana.  There was no need for any consideration  or entry into private enterprise to increase production, exports or profits. University of the West Indies Rex Nettleford‘s public  advocacy that Black people were the natural inheritors of the Caribbean from the departing colonials because of their enslavement had  found reality in Guyana through its Black-based  PNC.  Back-breaking agriculture was too reminiscent of slavery’s miseries. But not so for Indians who culturally relished the land and agriculture.

Obviously both Kissoon and his research are not only inaccurate but it as vacuous as it is without merit. All’s well (PNC style) that ends well (PPP style) could have witnessed Dr Walter Rodney still being alive to fight another day.
In Kissoon’s PNC’s “plural model”, he embellishes all races with a pretension of equal benefits. Under the present PPP/C government is there any pretension of massive developments throughout Guyana?   Is there any pretension that Black people have equal  inclusion, in some cases getting more? Could anyone explain why the PPP/C kept it a secret that it continued the PNC-  originated  subsidy of electricity  for Linden for the last 20 years when all Guyanese and its sugar workers base  continue to catch hell by still paying  a lot more? Or why Buxton’s streets are at their pristine best even getting a spanking new Tiperary Society Hall rebuilt from scratch when  roads in Lusignan are still massacred with potholes? Or why it took the PPP/C government more than 10 years after 1992 to remove the 1980s PNC-imposed sugar levy which skimmed off the fat of the sugar profits for national development?

When Kissoon can convincingly explain how Indians survived 28 years of PNC decadence (so did blacks but they still voted overwhelmingly PNC in 1992), he will have achieved a ticket to heaven. While PPP-based supporters, like most, are still catching hell in the rice and sugar industries, Kissoon can further explain what makes these semi-illiterate   agricultural immigrants outside Guyana still resilient to successfully enhance their lifestyles with more than one house and more land, acquiring more education but with less bravado and rioting, raping of, and miscegenation of other ethnic women coupled with rampant corruption as in Guyana.

The evidence can only nullify our Kissoon that both the 28-year decadent PNC and their socialist PPP/C government are instrumental in Indians and others’ successes. Any cultural behaviour that embellishes, sanctifies or covers up corruption, decadence, hatred and violence and which serves as a philosophy for any group regardless of race cannot be good either for themselves or Guyana.

Kissoon may even do us a favour and publish his research on any website, just in case he was misrepresented in the press. How many contracts had confirmed Black applicants and how or why were they successful or not?   Please let us know all who were also doing substandard work regardless. Can anyone detail how so many Indians and blacks are now able to own land and build concrete houses, when they were unable to do so during the PNC’s time?  Next time Kissoon writes, (he usually fears and ignores requests/questions), but he can also provide a graph how both blacks and others are employed in the civil service and armed forces. Finding out the total amount of national revenue expended on that sector since the PPP/C came to power in 1992 should also be educational.

The PNC has undoubtedly taught Blacks to be wards of the state. But becoming a private entrepreneur, all risks included, can still be achieved as a necessity for Black independence. Their Karma must guide them in those directions. What Indians have achieved, I can say unapologetically, were earned fairly and squarely. With nothing to fear I was one of those who worked two jobs while living in cockroach and rat-infested apartments attending university in New York City. Kissoon had it quite easy with a scholarship to Canada. God bless him! Yet I still found time to liberate Guyana without corruption or beating, killing, rioting or raping anyone. Not bad for being mocked as racists Hindus who believe in different Gods.