December deadline for defaulting Anna Regina Market vendors


VENDORS operating in the deep area of Anna Regina Market on the Essequibo Coast have until December 5 to visit the Town Clerk and sort out arrears for stall rental amounting to some $6.8M. Member of the Interim Management Committee (IMC), headed by Chairman Toolsie Narine, met with the defaulting sellers and discussed the outstanding fees owed to the municipality since 2005.
Former Mayor Sammy Rampersaud, who is now the Chairman of the Market Committee, told the defaulters that they have been indebted to the township for too long and they must make efforts to pay.
Town Clerk Diana Critchlow said, if they do not, the Council will be forced to take other action to recover the large sum due.
IMC Member Rajendra Prabhulall advised those concerned must have discussions with the Town Clerk before the December 6 statutory meeting of the IMC.
He called on vendors at Bush Lot Market to clear their indebtedness, as well, declaring that no rental fees should be in arrears.
Another IMC member, Pooran Persaud joined in calling on the defaulters to make arrangements for payments that are long overdue.