Corbin needs to cover up his failed leadership


AT the end of his inglorious and disastrous period as leader (sic) of the People’s National Congress, Corbin needs to cover up and camouflage his disgraced and failed leadership of the party by scape-goating me and others. His stint as leader of the PNC will go down as the darkest period in the history of the PNC and of black people in general in Guyana. He reversed most of the gains achieved by Burnham and Hoyte, and he did it at the same time with alacrity and arrogance.
Apart from being a YSM executive member in the early 1970s I held no other position in the PNC elected or otherwise.
Corbin, as is his universally known and only specialty, rigged two YSM Congress elections to rob me of the positions of first Chairman and then General Secretary, since the 1970s I have always operated on the fringes of the PNC recognising since then that God given special, and in my case relative to Corbin, superior ability was never going to be allowed to blossom and grow – that is why I organised the 2002 struggle in support of the Kwakwani people under the umbrella of the People’s  Solidarity movement.
The mistake I made at the time was to allow Corbin and others to be involved, but I was acting on the instructions of Mr. Desmond Hoyte to involve Corbin et al.  However, my conscience is clear and my heart is pure, concerning the 2002 struggles and the tragic event of July 3, that saw two comrades losing their lives and many others being injured (Corbin said in his Congress address that eight persons lost their lives on that tragic day 10 years ago, as is his wont to tell big lies why did he not say 80 or 800 persons lost their lives).
His lie would have achieved more dramatic effect. I have written about these events and will publish at a time of my choosing and no baiting by Corbin will preempt me.  Suffice to say that it was Corbin who was aggressively pushing me to give myself up.  It was Corbin who, on the night of July 3, 2002 first said to me at a clandestine meeting, the two of us had at the Square of the Revolution, that I will be charged with treason and I must not involve him – the first time I ever heard the word treason mentioned in this context.

I have deliberately stayed out of this current Linden struggle, because I saw betrayal looming on the horizon.  Corbin however, will not succeed in his attempt to direct the anger of the people of Linden against me – up to Sunday he was leader of the PNC, but has he stepped up to the plate?
I supported the PPP at the last elections purely for economic reasons. I felt we in Linden and Region #10 need a five-year breathing space to bring real economic development to Region #10 and Linden by any means necessary.  The people of Region #10 rejected my entreaties – so be it.
My first, my foremost, and my only political support is and always will be to and for the people of Linden and Region #10.  My record of achievements cannot and will not be erased by Corbin’s envy, jealousy, latent fear nor his attempt to use me and others to end his disgraceful, failed, destructive leadership of betrayal and self-aggrandisement in a blaze of glory.
It is the disunity of and among black leaders that is responsible for our current condition in Guyana.