ERC now compromised more than ever


THE Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC) is now compromised more than ever, and former Chairman Bishop Juan Edghill, on Tuesday, addressed the issue of some staff members of ERC who spoke to the leaders of APNU and AFC with regard to the budget cuts. From the time that happened, the entire Commission was fully compromised and must be disbanded without fear or favour.
Those who spoke behind closed doors with APNU and AFC officials must never be on this Commission ever again, so in any event their jobs are gone.
They ought to realise that leaders of APNU/PNC and AFC are not their employers who pay their salaries.
There must be no more talks on this matter until APNU/ PNC and AFC leaders come to their senses and realise what they had done in cutting the 2012 budget.
If this constitutional body should ever receive funding, ever again, to carry out its mandate then those who spoke with the leaders of APNU and AFC must never be employed by a new ERC since the public does not know what secret deals were made behind closed doors.

APNU/PNC will stop at nothing until its full agenda is met. APNU/PNC had gone after Police Commissioner Henry Greene until they finally rid him of that office.

APNU/PNC is now going after GECOM and will stop at nothing until the entire body is replaced in their favour with their people.
The APNU/PNC also slashed the budget of the forest deal for no apparent reason, maybe to get back at former President Bharrat Jagdeo and to just show him who is boss.
One letter was probably right in saying that the one-seat parliamentary majority the opposition now enjoys, will go after the blacks who work for the PPP/C to have them removed then deal severely with Indian PPP/C officials after.
The APNU/PNC and  AFC are holding true to the words of that letter writer. The ERC is now compromised more than ever.