When selling an event it is wise to educate readers


I believe that clarity is very important to the understanding of readers after reading reports/articles from the dailies, especially if you are selling a product, event etc.That is also from a marketing approach. A captioned KN report “K&B renews sponsorship” dated Friday April,27, 2012 reads that overseas-based track athlete “Marian Burnett” will be in competition at the upcoming President’s/Jeffords Track and Field Meet on May 20,2012 in Linden. She will also be competing against the best athletes from two Caribbean countries and Guyana.

My expectation is that when one is making an effort to sell an event, it’s always wise to educate readers to the full extent about the event in question. In this particular case,my question is as follows:
Who (names) are the Caribbean athletes that are expected to grace  the Linden meet with their presence?
I hope that we don’t witness a no-show by these potential Caribbean athletes in question like the “Rosay” guy who never did show up at a recent, publicised entertainment event.

The next report coming out from the organisers of the Linden meet in the dailies, just remember to say if there is a gate fee and the time the event starts…

Having said that,it was great reading to learn that the private company, K&B Mining and Hardware Supplies has renewed its funding arrangement with the organisers of the event…