Political ‘Blitzkrieg’ derails Amerindian development in Guyana


FELLOW Amerindians, our development programmes through the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) and GRIF have been ruthlessly taken away from us by the combined opposition of the Alliance For Change and the A Partnership for National Unity.
Amerindians voted for both AFC and the APNU, they never conceived that five months later, their vision for a better Guyana, a better society, educated children, cheaper electricity, jobs, digital capability, a nation achieving together, a drug-free society would be scuttled and razed to the ground.
I must warn my fellow Amerindians that this is not good for us. We have been effectively sidelined from society and thrown into an abyss. We have to develop and adopt strategies to confront this treacherous development, if we don’t, the efforts of our ancestors will dwindle to naught. We were tricked to vote for them with promises for a better Guyana, under which they cunningly hid the head of a viper.
Fellow Amerindians, April 26 was ‘D’ day for LCDS and GRIF projects, which were totally destroyed. Were the AFC and APNU advised by Amerindians sitting on their side? If so, they have thrown us to the winds, they have betrayed us; we must not even trust the utterance of their last breath, it is poisoned. We are now a people without a rudder, our legendary ‘Old Kaie’ must be turning, just as Walter Rodney.
At this juncture of our history I implore you to be truthful with your self, examine your achievements, say if your hopes are still valid, say if you should trust politicians who totally disrespect you, say if you see progress for yourself and family and as a people after being flagrantly trampled down and low graded by the AFC and APNU.
Fellow Amerindians we are a very simple people and though,  none made use of language telling us to go to hell was not uttered, ‘actions speak louder than words’. The AFC and the APNU have told us we are not a people to be recognised, we are not a people to respect, and we are not a people worthy to benefit from programmes. They ask, what do Amerindians want with electricity? Why must they be educated? Why must they want to develop?
Fellow Amerindians, the children, grandchildren, families and relatives of these same politicians that have effectively derailed your existence are enjoying amenities accrued from development interventions. They enjoy electricity, potable water, utility services, health programmes, educational opportunities, earn salaries etc. Why must Amerindians not be able to do the same? Why must Amerindians be robbed of their hard-earned gains?
But there is hope. The National Amerindian Development Foundation (NADF) stand committed to regain our lost status and re-engage the path of continued development. Let us unite and explore the opportunities for a better society together.