Car crashed into stairway of Agricola house


A motor car yesterday crashed into a house at Public Road Agricola Greater Georgetown after the vehicle careened off the road and into the yard, leaving five members of the household shocked and shaken. Amanda Reid, who lives at the property with her family, speaking with this newspaper stated that the incident occurred around 13:00 hours.  She said she was sitting in her house when she asked her six-year old daughter who was on the “landing” to come inside.
Reid stated that moments after the child had walked into the house she heard a loud noise and thought was a collision or some sort of explosion which shook the house.
The woman stated that the child went back outside on the landing to see what happened and then voiced to her “mommy come see a car knock down we step.”
She said upon rushing outside, she saw that a car had broken through her fence and was at the foot of her stairway and she saw a female occupant exiting the vehicle.
The structure of the stairway was not badly damaged; however, the woman claimed that one cannot walk at a normal pace on the steps because it’s very “rickety”  as a result of the car knocking out the rails.
Reid tearfully said that she wants to know who will compensate her for the damages caused to the front stairs of her house.
The vehicle PNN 8738 was severely damaged; however, no one died or was badly injured.
Both occupants of the vehicle are now in custody at the Ruimveldt Police Station and were unavailable for comments. (Savitri Laikram)