A total disregard of protocol at Essequibo Technical Institute


I wish to bring to your attention to the malevolent use of resources and the clear collusion among key stakeholders of the Essequibo Technical Institute(ETI). Kindly note that the exploitation of state property continues almost uninhibited by the monitoring agencies, such as, the Ministry of Education and the Department of Education. At a juncture when all efforts should be concentrated on building a declining student population after the erection of a modern dormitory facility, efforts are contritely under way to accumulate personal wealth by key figures of the administration and Board of Governors.
The latest in a series of questionable transactions is the senseless bartering of “millions” worth of “unserviceable” machines, motors, and equipment to the Chairman of the Board of Governors. What is the ministry’s policy on these equipment and machines? Have these seemingly “unserviceable” equipment ever been verified by a qualified mechanic to confirm their status as “unserviceable?” Why is it that the administration has chosen after normal school hours and Saturdays to remove the items from the compound? Why were the items moved on specific days of absence of the stores-clerk who should be the sole authorised holder of the keys to the stores? Was the real value of the supposed “unserviceable equipment” ever truly been ascertained? If the items were written off by the auditors, and become the property of the institution, shouldn’t the practical thing be to hold a public auction? It seems no one, and even the staff wasn’t informed of the “barter.”
As the public continues to be barraged with the inordinate trade prices of many of the ‘bartered “unserviceable” items’ by the “fortunate” buyer, one is left to wonder as to how can the administration simply accept a welding plant worth approximately One Hundred thousand dollars ($100, 000 for all the bartered machines. The questions seem to accumulate as the answers seemingly have dwindled.
Moreover, it is understood that there is strong resistance from the administration in the appointment of a staff representative on the Board of Governors. For some one year now calls for a staff representative have fallen on deaf ears. Could these shady transactions be the reason?
What is truly surprising at a large institution like this in which millions of taxpayers’ dollars are poured monthly- is the fact that a senior member of the administration has his wife functioning as the accountant. How fitting is this? Isn’t there a policy against this as in the private sector?
It is further noticed at this institution that the principal is regularly absent, setting a dangerous precedence for his staff who may want to follow suit. He constantly blames his school engagements in Georgetown as the core reason for his absence.
It is my opinion after these quite profound revelations, that there needs to be closer monitoring by the relevant agencies, failing  which this institution will transgress into another “white elephant.”
Thank you for your usual kind publication of these concerns to Guyanese citizens throughout.