Who or what is the Guyana Media Proprietors Association (GMPA)


I HAVE a question: Who or what is the Guyana Media Proprietors Association (GMPA)? I mean all of a sudden, this body (comprising whom, I do not know) jumps up and makes pronouncements. This has to provoke one of the biggest ‘daws’ indeed. According to this body, the process recently used to allocate radio licences is “unworkable,” because (according to the body) there are questions regarding the absence of transparency. So while it is grateful for the act, and now has a deep sense of hopefulness, there was also a feeling of “great ambivalence, apprehension, and major dissatisfaction.”
As regards the feelings of “great ambivalence, apprehension, and major dissatisfaction,” I ask among whom? And for what reasons?
Now it is very obvious that this GMPA is playing a ‘con’ game. Look at subtlety here. It throws a word of commendation in order to ingratiate its way and get its objectives. It talks about hopefulness, etc, yet it is selective on whose behalf it is ‘mouthing off.’
Can people forget how the body reacted to the CNS Channel 6 furore? Did this body ever denounce APNU (A Partnership for National Unity) for what happened in the 2011 Elections – like the many incendiary press briefs and the use (misuse really) of the internet, and also what it intimated regarding the honesty and transparency of the said elections?
I mean where was this GMPA?
So my question still looms large.
Who/what is the GMPA? For whom is it speaking? Also,  to whom? Does it have legitimacy? Does it have moral rectitude?
I rest my case.